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PSA Build - Range Report.

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First time trying to write one of these up bear with me.

Upper: PSA 20" FN barrel, with BCG and CH
Lower: PSA(stripped), RRA LPKw/2 stage trigger and Hogue grip, A2 buttstock
Also using a Primary Arms 1-4x24 scope with PA mount, Mag-pul 20rnd mags and AFG, DD 12" Omega rail

Went to the range today to test fire my new AR. I took 100rnds of Lake City xm193 with me. Sighted in the scope and then had a little fun(all shots at 50yds).

First 5rnd group:

A 15rnd group:

There is one flyer that isn't shown in this picture that is about 4in high of the center.

After firing 80rnds I figured it was time to see if the accuracy was going to open up with a hotter barrel.

Last 5rnd group of four groups.

Didn't seem to effect my shooting too much.

All in all I'm pretty happy with my new rifle. I need to work on my marksmanship a bit at 50yds all of those groups should be touching. But, I'll make excuses for myself a say that it was my first time shooting a scoped rifle.

Only malfunction I had was a feeding issue caused by my mag. I was loading off of stripper clips using the tool that comes in the case of ammo and I could tell that the last two or so rounds hadn't seated correctly. I thought that i had fixed the problem but I hadn't and i needed to pull the first couple rounds out and replace them by hand.

Thanks for reading,
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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