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Glock 43x PSA: 43X in stock right now

  1. Amazing...still in stock, three hours later...is the panic buying over?
  2. Huge local store has more guns and ammo in stock than they've had in awhile. Lines to use the range have been shorter as well, but that could be people not wanting to use up their ammo.
  3. They were going for about $448 pre-Covid.
  4. I still get email notices from GT distributors with G48 @ 448.00.
    Standard Texas pricing it seems, and what I gave for all 3 of mine, (43X/48's).
    Gun shows now open in Texas, but I have NO desire to drive in to Dallas/Ft.Worth, and 'mask up,' in the 'sweaty crowd...'

  5. They're finally out of stock at GrabAGun...surprised it took all day for them to sell out...