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Yeah. I'm looking to get in dies etc.
Making .300 AAC cases (from .223) was a bit more tedious than I counted on. If you are hunting (ie. not shooting a lot) it is not too bad. Plinking + 3 gun however, you don't want to lose the cases you worked to make.

I used the harbor freight cut-off saw:

The squirrel daddy jig:

The Giraud Tri Way Trimmer


In my opinion, If you are wanting a sub-sonic suppressed gun, a PCC/PC-SBR is a lot more practical. The .300 AAC is a lot more trouble and a lot more expensive (if you don't cast your own bullets).

If you want a relatively short range .30 cal hunting upper, it is a pretty good choice.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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