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Prvi Partizan PPU .40 S&W

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Does anyone have any experience with this ammunition? I've found reviews on their .223 ammo and it gets decent reviews. I need 2000 rounds of ammo for a class in December and am trying to save as much as I can, but I'll be using my deparment issued Glock 22, so I'd rather not screw it up.
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I bought a couple hundred rounds of this brand in 32ACP for my Tomcat. It works very good for cheep ammo. My only small complaint is that it is a little dirty.
I don't know if I would trust it in a class where a large number of rounds are required without trying at least 100 rounds of it first! I would go with Tulammo in 40 S&W or Silver Bear in 223. I have shot about 300 rounds of Silver Bear and like it allot.
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