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Prostitution sting? You betcha, my eye's are STILL stinging!

  1. Come on man, are you telling me you have never done an ugly chick?
  2. Word is that an ugly chick gives the best lovin' cause she doesn't know when she'll get another chance.
  3. Are you telling us that you have PAID to do an ugly chick?

    'Cause there's stupid....... and then there's STUPID.
  4. .....
  5. Nah buddy, they pay me :supergrin:
  6. They must love the young man's enthusiasm if not his skill and experience.:tongueout:
  7. A young man's ummm.... enthusiasm nah, desperation is more like it.
  8. :wavey:

  9. You want to see someting grosse? Me and my partner were watching a motel that is very heavy in drugs and prostitution. We see a girl pick up a trick at the bus stop and they go into a room. We stroll up there and I find a small hole in the curtain and I'm able to look through the window and into the room and see the whole transaction. I was able to see her get nekid. Yep, full frontal hooker nudity. I almost barfed on my boots. Then we took them to jail. All in the interest of justice
  10. I guess you need a "Plain Sight" Doctor now for this case :rofl:
  11. :tongueout:
  12. When a whore house smells like a crab house, that's how you know there is quality within. :supergrin:
  13. You think that's gross? How about moving a nude old dead hooker who died from hepititus from a van to the cremation machine, who was also bleeding everywhere.

    At least we didnt have to embalm that one.
  14. Why did you look in the window when you know what she looked like anyway? You're just asking for that one.
  15. Maybe it was one of those things was so so horrible you have no choice but to look. :dunno:
  16. Are we talking about the inauguration last year?
  17. Actually I was talking about two girls one cup, but I see at least one similarity.
  18. If it happened in front of him, yeah, but he saw her pick up the trick and then he walked over to the window to look at the action... that is just masochistic.
  19. There is a truth to all of this. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.:supergrin:
  20. This thread needs the obligatory:

  21. Coyote ugly.