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Proof of global warming!!!

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    Started sticking about an hour ago, suppose to get 3"-6" by tomorrow.
    I got a big chuckle going through town at the packed parking lots from people stocking up even thought it will likely be gone by Saturday afternoon.

    We hardly ever get snow in the Low country, but I enjoy it when we do..:supergrin:
  2. With all that global warming, did you have a global warming ball fight?
  3. don't you know it's called Climate change now:supergrin:
  4. We are just south of Myrtle Beach. Still waiting, nothing here yet.
    6PM weather claims MB is supposed to get 2-4".

  5. Well HIS climate certainly changed.:rofl::rofl:

  6. absolutely...:rofl:
  7. Update: Started coming down like crazy about 10 mins. ago.
  8. It seems to just absolutely amaze some folks that the earth goes through "climate changes" every eon or so. They appear to feel the weather patterns should stay the same from their birth to their death, just to make them comfortable you know. And they are so sure that we can change it. We're men after all, we can change anything we want.

    Seems they have problems accepting their place in the world. How dare the earth change with them in the world. It's just sooooo ...................unseemly. And someone needs to "do something".

    After all, isn't that their mantra?
  9. Have over 1.5'' on the ground so far. :wavey:
  10. The City of Myrtle Beach does not even own a snow plow.

    And the MB Marathon is tomorrow morning.
  11. Near Greenville, SC




  12. Why is a pickup truck parked at the end of your luge?