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Project Veritas: Ilham Omar connected ballot harvester in cash for ballots scheme

  1. And nothing will be done about it. Unfortunately the R’s are a nutless bunch when it comes to giving the D’s a good, well deserved smack down.
  2. This video is pretty damn explosive. It shows who is doing it, how they are doing it, and where they are doing it. Massive fraud in the Somali community in Minneapolis to get Democrats and their Somalian clan into office.

    Bring in the 3rd world, get 3rd world Governments.
  3. Anyone want to take any bets on this getting any attention?
  4. Democrats will call it racist to point out their fraud scheme.
  5. But, diversity is our strength!
  6. Unfortunately that's a doubly protected class, Omar and her crooks won't be touched.
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  8. That would be Attorney General Keith Ellison. I'm not saying he did, but it wouldn't surprise me if he helped in the cheating.
  9. His religion approves lying to "infidels", so is cheating a stretch?
  10. Obviously they miss the scum they licked off the boot from their home nations’ despots.
  11. Notice twitter adds in "Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure!"

  12. There is a difference between the State's AG and the US Attorney for the state. For MN, it is Erica Hinkle MacDonald.
  13. On another Trump tweet, it asked if this tweet was “worth your time”.
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  15. I don't trust AG Ellison as far as I can pee. Hey at age 78 that is not very far. I just wish the Repubs would develop some nads and really go after them. I know this is wishful thinking. Regards to all at GT.
  16. She lies every time she opens her mouth - by design, according to the teachings of her religion.
  17. Thank you.
  18. Democrat modus operandus. Question now is, what will the MN AG, the illustrious Keith Ellison, do about his fellow Muslim democrats over these illegal shenanigans?

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  19. Project Veritas does awesome work, yet nothing gets done by it... so much fraud in this country...
  20. What happens to all the illegal ballots?

    If the guilty are arrested but they managed to steal the election, are they just Democrat martyrs for the cause?
  21. Just finished watching part 2, holy **** this is bad. They openly brag about. ****ing Somalians coming here, living off us, then rigging our elections.

    The FBI should be in there tomorrow making arrests. Every single Somalian ballot should be declared ineligible.

    Ilhan Omar married her brother and committed immigration fraud, funneled campaign money to her boyfriend, and now this..
  22. Is that a real quote? It admits voter frauds exists. AOC accidentally tells the truth.

    Edit oops illian Omar tweeted the voter fraud quote.
  23. That's the Somalian pirate, not AOC.
  24. My bad, although it's hard to tell the difference between those too two mental giants.
  25. With those odds against getting caught no wonder you commit fraud.
  26. The Electoral College determines the president. This dirty tactics bit of criminal scamming really is strong proof the E.C. is justified, necessary and should continue to be the electors of our presidents from now on!
  27. Fox News shaming Project Veritas

  28. Guys, it's Trump, and however many there are out there like you and me, against EVERYBODY!!!