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    Hey ladies (and the gents that browse here, too).

    A while ago (I would guess maybe 6 months?), I posted about my fiance and how I wish she weren't such an anti and has the "it won't happen to me" mentality.

    Since then, I've been carrying as much as possible.

    She still won't go back to the range with me, but has become more used to me carrying, and even doesn't give me "the look" when I hold our 4 month old daughter while carrying.

    She is OK with me carrying in public (something I never she'd be alright with), but wouldn't have been too happy (probably) if she knew I had my G27 packed away and stored in the hotel when we were on vacation.

    Since my post a while ago, I've picked up a second gun, and she knows I want to buy a shotgun (primarily for hunting).

    Honestly, I think her biggest issue now is I spend too much time on this forum!!!

    Anyways, we had a long talk about how she doesn't think it's necesary, and I told her how I sure hope it's not, but we agreed that it's with the right intentions that I carry. I told her I'm not out to become a test case, I'm not carrying "because it's my right." I'm carrying to protect our family. She has finally come around and is OK with it.

    She still gives me the look when I carry a flashlight on my belt and a knife in my pocket, and has even told me to not wear them at her mom's house. I get a small victory when she asks me to borrow one of them (about twice a week, usually the knife).

    But what's the biggest step she's taken? She finally agreed to carry pepper spray, and keep it somewhere readily accessible!

    I remember all you ladies tell me to give it time and take baby steps with her. I was willing to try it, and she took her first step with the spray.

    Thanks for your advice. Now if I could only get her to let me buy her an orange pistol (her favorite color).

    Thanks for listening.

    Stay safe.
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    gollbladder I think you're handling it well by not forcing the issue. I think that and your mature attitude about carrying in general have made all the difference.