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    Hello Everyone,

    It's great to have this forum for describing our products and to hear our Customer's input and testimonials.

    For those that are not aware of our company, we formed our company over 9 years ago after designing the CARVER Mounting system for Glock handguns. Using a design that was unique to the industry, our design enabled the use of either a C-More, Aimpoint or Weaver based red dot sight to be used on a Glock handgun without damage to the gun, modification to the gun or any sacrifice to accuracy. Mounts purchased when we began business years ago are still in service with the thousands of mounts that are now installed onto Glock handguns.

    In addition to the success of our CARVER Mounting system for Glock handguns, the following additions to our lineup of custom parts include:

    • CARVER Mounts for Springfield XD and XDM handguns: C-More or Weaver
    • CARVER Custom 3 or 4 port Compensators for 9MM Glocks: Available for KKM barrels and LW barrels
    • CARVER Custom 3 or 4 port Compensators for 40 cal Glocks: Available for KKM barrels and LW barrels
    • CARVER Custom Magwells for G19 or G17 or G21 (Coming soon G21/20SF)
    • CARVER Custom sliderackers for Glock and Springfield XD or XDM's
    • Magwells for Springfield XD or XDM's (Mfgr: PistolGear)
    • 4 Port Compensators for Springfield XDM (Mfgr: Springer Precision)
    • Custom barrels for Glock: KKM and Lonewolf
    • Custom barrels for Springfield XDM: Storm Lake Precision
    • CARVER Custom guiderods for Glocks and Springfield XD or XDM
    • CARVER Custom trigger kits: Unlimited 2-2.5 lb or Stock Legal 2.5-3.0 lb
    • C-More red dot sights
    • SJC Comps, Magwells, Mag Release Buttons
    • Competitive Edge range bags and accessories
    • Taylor Freelance magazine extensions
    • CR Speed holsters, mag pouches and belts

    Many of our Customers asked us to build raceguns so we did, using a stock Glock and installing all of our parts to convert it to a racegun. Our guns are becoming more popular and the waiting list continues to grow. Instead of having us build your gun, you can do it yourself. All parts are designed to be installed without modifications to the gun.

    A sample of some of our guns and what you can build are shown below:

    CARVER\Springer Custom 9MM Major Springfield XDM Racegun

    CARVER Custom 9MM Major Unlimited Glock Racegun

    Check out our site at and let us know if you have any questions. Coming soon..............CARVER Custom .45 Compensators for G21 and G30 Glocks!!!

    "We appreciate all of your continued support