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Problems with Walther PK380 and reloads

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by ARSMITH, Nov 10, 2011.


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    Feb 10, 2011
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    So I recently picked up a new Walther PK380. I have been loading for many years and have run into a few issues that I was able to solve with reloads. ie small base sizing on 308 and things like that.

    I decided to load some ammo for my new toy. I load up two different kinds of bullets. 1) 2.7Gr titegroup on CCI standard small pistol primers with a 95gr Cast lead RN bullet cast from my commercial casting maching using Magma molds. 2) 2.7gr titegroup on CCI standard small pistol primers with a 100gr Berry's MFG plated bullet.

    I go out to the backyard and test fire the loads. They appear to cycle just fine and I sit down and load up 1,000 of each. I then go out to the range, and go shooting. After shooting a few rounds I got one casing that did not extract after being shot. The slide however did blow all the way back and tried to load another round. I cleared the jam and went back to shooting. This happened MULTIPLE times. I would say this started happening close to 3-5 times in a 8rd clip on average. What is funny though is sometimes I would load a clip and it would all cycle just fine, and then the next clip every other one would jam. It's intermittent. :steamed: I have shot factory ammo through this gun and all function just fine. I even sent the gun back to Walther and they sent it back saying it functions flawlessly.

    Does anyone have any experience loading for this gun? And what did you do? I have loaded 75k+ rounds for my guns on my Dillon 650. Never have I had this much trouble loading for a gun.