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Problems with Glock 48

  1. Hello all, I bought my first glock yesterday, a glock 48 to be exact. I took it out of the box, oiled it, and went to the range today. On nearly every round the slide was sluggish to go into battery,and I had two light primer strikes on federal hydrashok ammo. Has anyone else had problems with the 48? And since I cant return it what can I do to make it function properly? It's supposed to be my carry gun but my first impressions say dont trust it.
  2. Where did you oil it? If you got oil into the striker channel, that could,likely be the source of your problems-especially the light strikes.
  3. Just on the rails, I'm doing a DEEP clean now to take it back to the range tomorrow, I'm really hoping I didnt spend 400 bucks on a paperweight
  4. Glock will make it right. Shipping it off is a bit of a pain but they stand behind their products. Hopefully a full cleaning and proper lube will make it right. Good luck.
  5. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Glock 48 and you haven't provided enough information for anybody to help you with yours.

    How much training and shooting experience do you have?
  6. Mine has been flawless.
  7. Maybe it's the ammo. Why not try running some FMJ through it. See how it runs.

    How's your grip? Gotta good grip?

    How's it rack empty and magless? Maybe massage the slide, get the spring moving.

    My 48 has been a pleasure. Its a good gun. Goldilocks size, not too big, not too small.
  8. It cant be my grip! It's never the shooters fault! Really though I'll be deep cleaning it, and massaging the slide per your advice, I think my problem is I was impatient and shot it practically straight out of the box before cleaning the factory gunk out of it
  9. Try shooting a box of Winchester 124 grain NATO ammo through it.
  10. +1 on the 124 gr NATO rounds

    About 300 rounds should break it in
  11. I had similar problems. A new RSA fixed it for me.
  12. Which one did you go with? A new factory one or an aftermarket?
  13. Yeah, my 48 worked straight out of the box, but my 19 tripped up out of the box. I was bummed out but went home, cleaned and oiled, worked the slide, went back the next day, and haven't had a hiccup since and I've probably put at least 1k rounds through it in the past 6-7 weeks. Clean, dirty, it just runs now.

    I know you should clean and oil it first, but my FFL is also my range where I have a membership, so it's hard to pick up and walk away without shooting it while I'm there.

    Got a Ruger Mk4 22/45 Lite same day and it ran like a champ out of the box and ever since. And that's the one I'd have expected to hiccup between the two. Probably put close to 1k through the Ruger too.
  14. Sorry guy. My 48 has been flawless. Crossing my fingers for you.
  15. I have 2 G48’s, both with silver slides. One was flawless (taken out of the box, lubed, & then fired 900 rounds before first cleaning). The second one had intermittent failures to go fully into battery. After 500 rounds it went back to Glock. They lubed it, test fired it, and sent it back. I continued to have intermittent failures to go into battery. I bought a couple of factory RSA’s from Glock and changed the one in the problem G48. No problems since.

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  16. It should run right out of the box. You may have mentioned but just asking. Was it new or used? If it was used possibly lint some where making the slide return sluggish. How is the slide return when you release the slide either by hand or slide release? Is it sluggish? Also the reason I ask about new or used is because you mention $400 bucks as your cost. Just my thoughts.
  17. While Glock's are normally pretty good, anyone who expects all Glock's to be 100% out of the box hasn't been paying attention to all those who have had some early hiccups.

    It obviously could be shooter related. But (as others have noted) putting some warm, NATO ball ammo through it may be all it needs to wear in a bit. It could be something seriously wrong needing a trip back to Glock, but it may just be a few random snags as the surfaces mate and smooth, springs settle in, and you get used to the gun (not have a thumb dragging on the slide a bit to slow it, etc.).

    Let us know how it goes. I am with you about not trusting it for carry now. But I am very skeptical that it will be reduced to a paper weight. Whether the path towards resolution is a few rounds, or a trip to Glock, one or the other will fix it!
  18. OP - were your light primer strikes, centered or off center?

    According to my Glock Armorer's Manual:

    probable causes for light centered strike - hard primer (since you mentioned Federal Hydrashok Ammo - I would rule this out), or obstructed firing pin channel.

    probable causes for light off-centered strike - tight extractor, dirty gun, slide lock reversed or not beveled, weak recoil spring.

    Since you mentioned that it is very sluggish to go into battery and if you are shooting with a locked wrist, I would look at the RSA.

    I read the posts and I know that a dirty firing pin channel and RSA problem were already mentioned as possible causes. Also boilergonzo"s post about running some "hot" ammo has merit.

    Trying to help with your trouble shooting...…….. This should be solvable. If not - back to Glock. Good luck
  19. Hey everybody, thanks so much for the help, I took it back to the range today, i found my "sluggish" return to battery is the gun has trouble going into battery with the trigger in the fire position. After the trigger was released, it would limp forward. I read on another post some glock 48s trigger bar was cut too sharp and needed rounded out. Does anyone know about this? I'm new to glocks and not 100% sure how to look for this problem.
  20. Did you take apart the trigger bar and connector?
  21. I have not, should i?
  22. Not really. But some do and reassemble it incorrectly.
  23. I'm thinking its either my trigger bar or RSA, I'm just not sure how to properly diagnose if it's the trigger bar
  24. OP - thoughts and suggestion: Quite a few individuals are trying to help on this forum but sometimes it's difficult. It's always easier for someone with experience with glocks to look at the firearm in person. Suggestion: find someone with experience to take a look. If you can't find someone, mention what state you're in and maybe someone will send a PM and offer to take a look or steer you towards someone (if you're comfortable with this). OR back to Glock.

    Just my 2 cents...….
  25. Yeah I see what you mean, it's kinda hard to diagnose over the internet, I'm gonna try a few more non invasive things and if that dosent work I've got an armorer lined up (sorry I'm nowhere near Wisconsin)
  26. Just throwing some ideas out. Look down your mag well with a flashlight when reproducing the issue.


    Is there any weird drag marks where the red parts meet?


    The green thingy should push in smoothly and spring back smoothly. Spring under the thingy.

    Yellow doohickey shouldn’t be dragging on your slide. It’s only job is to press the green thing when you pull the trigger.

    Be careful using imprecise nomenclature like this on GT. We have a resident grammaton cleric who may be along shortly to admonish my poor terminology. Then again, he may not check out a thread that isn’t discussing a service weapon chambered in the ‘diminutive 9mm’ as he calls it.
  27. You mean a serious defensive weapon, as opposed to a range toy.
  28. I own quite a few guns and more in the past and never have I "lubed" and cleaned a new from the factory firearm before taking it to the range.
  29. Clean that filth monster!!!
  30. I am in wisconsin too... and for some crazy reason I think you should come to wisconsin too... its shaped like a mitten!!
  31. Clean it, lube it (per glock manual). Then run couple hundred 124NATO through it.
    Then come back and report how it did. If it failed, send it to the glock mothership.

    I`ve had a few over the years that i sprayed dry-lube on the RSA, no issues afterwards.
    Some guns are tight and need to be run hard until they free up a little bit from new out of the box.
  32. I had some “performance issues” with my 48 right out of the box. It is bothersome since the 48 is possibly my favorite model - especially when considering Shield mags.

    I do not clean new Glocks from the factory - I just take them out of the box and let them rip. I was *unpleasantly* surprised to have 3 malfunctions within the first 235 rounds. (All occurred with OEM mags) Two were FTEs and one FTF. I’ve had 360 rounds since with no further issues.

    These were the first failures I recall ever in thousands of rounds through about 20 Glocks over the years.

    I’m not sure what caused the problems. I also have a 43 that has a run flawless, so don’t think it is me. I have noticed that the 48 mag springs are very strong - so I’ve wondered if this might be part of things.

    All in all, love my 48. I think it (when thinking of 9mm) is the “everything” Glock. Haven’t been enamored with the early issues and hoping it was just a fluke.

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  33. I detail strip, de-grease, clean and lubricate every new or new to me firearm before initial range testing, Glocks included. Packing grease and the lint/wax paper/shaving it attracts are not conducive to functional reliability. YMMV.
  34. My 48 was flawless with factory ammo, new out of the box. However, failed to fire with my reloads using Winchester SP primers. There was a light primer strike mark on every round, and all failed to fire. Have some reloads with Remington SP 1 1/2 primers that I'll try and see if it's simply a matter of the primers I was using.
  35. I experienced a similar thing (see my post). And agree. No problems with my 43 new out of the box with no disassembly or lubing before firing. Also the same with two 19's I have. The 48 is the only one that I've had FTF issues with thousands of rounds through my Glocks. Mine could have been a primer issue, but have found that Glocks eat everything with no problems, whether factory, my reloads, primers used and bullet weight.
  36. My 48 has run very smoothly with just about any cheap 115 grain ammo that I feed it. I had one fail to feed on the 2nd magazine, then everything else has been great. No other hiccups. I was almost certainly riding the slide on my FTF. Being a new pistol, I had to get my grip worked out.

    Was at the range today putting holes in 3 inch targets at 10 yards. Other than my “yips” the gun is more accurate than I am. And has been pleasantly reliable.

    RSAs are cheap and is an easy thing to try. It may save a ton of money vs shipping off to Glock to have them looks at it to try that first.
  37. Don't own a G48, but am a fan of the Winchester SP primer. Since it's considered a "soft" primer, anything in proper condition should fire it. For me, they are extremely reliable.
  38. That’s how I shoot my Glocks
  39. Try give it to someone else at the range to shoot and see if they have the same problems that way you can rule out the way your holding it.
  40. My 17L didn't like my reloads when I first got it brand new. Yes, i cleaned it before i shot it the first time. I had to put about 500 factory Blazer through it, before my reloads would work. Now it's 100% reliable with my reloads.

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