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No, that’s not what concerns me. My concern is that the Talon grip is made in one continuous piece...the two sides and the backstrap in the middle. That would be fine if I shot my 19.4 with the stock grip without a backstrap or beavertail added onto the stock grip. The problem is that my 19 fits my hand best when I have the large beavertail pinned onto the grip. With the Talon granular grip covering the sides and the beavertail, that would make the beavertail impossible to remove in case of a detail strip. It’s becoming clear to me I need to cut the Talon grip material into three separate pieces. Unless there’s some other option...???
I guess I'm not clear why a detail strip would require the removal of the backstrap?

I don't use the backstraps, so I'm not ruling out that I'm missing something, but it doesn't appear to me that you need to remove them to detail strip the gun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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