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Problem with pierces primers on Glock 27

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I just purchased a new Glock 27 40 cal. I went to the range the other day to try it out and when I was picking up my cases, I noticed the primers on all cases were pierced with a jagged verticle line. I shot three different types of ammo for about a total of 40 rounds and all of them had the pierced primers. If anyone could help me out with this, I would be greatly appriciate it.
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Are you sure they were "pierced" - Glocks do commonly put more of a slotted dent in the primer, instead of the round one you get from most other guns, due to the shape of the striker. I have gallons of Glock-fired brass in various calibers that looks like that.
If they were pierced then there shold be gas residue clearly apparent where the striker tip pentrated in the form of black residue. If not it's same as Bren relates......
Sounds like a normal Glock firing pin mark.
if pierced [picture would help] then detail strip the slide and replace the striker

if no gas leakage, normal glock action
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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