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Problem bringing gun into FL

  1. My GF and I are flying into FT Meyers on usa3000, which prohibits firearms from being transported at all. I have a valid OHIO chl permit which is honored in FL. Any idea on how I can be able to legally obtain a gun in FL for carry? It would be a great opportunity to purchase a new Glock, then just have it shipped to a FFL back home, but is this even possible, or is there too much red tape?
  2. Also we're looking for any suggestions you might have gun fun or otherwise. We are staying in the Ft. Meyers area.
  3. Try flying a different airline.

    Their policy is a little vague it reads:

    Firearms and Ammunition may not be carried by a passenger on USA3000 Airlines.

    Does that mean in checked baggage?
  4. You can't buy one here, since you aren't a resident. well, you could buy it and have it shipped, but you can't take possession of it here.
  5. As far as gun fun, you could find a range in the Ft Myers area that has a selection of rentals. The rentals are ususlly very reasonable. Only $8.00 in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I'm not very familiar with the Ft. Myers area.
  6. What about this . . .my Dad lives not too far from there, could I legally ship the guns to him and have him pick them up? Or does that only work in a sale?
  7. I agree with flying a different airline. a friend used to fly and check her carry piece all the time. there is paperwork to till out and the hg and ammo have to be boxed separately.

    If you are following the rules and they don't trust you, then they can't be trusted. Take your dollars elsewhere, and let them know why you went with someone else.
  8. I wish it were that easy! Daddy Fewbucks here can't pay another $500 in tickets, and at this short of notice, it would probably be upwards of $1000. I have a real problem with spending money on stuff that you have nothing to show for, after it's used up. I just don't do stuff like baseball games, football games, or amusement parks. Because you waste all this money and have nothing to show for it. I'd rather buy magazines, ammo, or save up for another gun.
  9. I believe federal firearms laws allow you to ship your guns to yourself.

    check the laws, but I know a few people who moved and did that.
  10. There isn't a whole lot to do down here in this area. Unless you want to travel to Orlando and do the Orlando thing (Disney, SeaWorld, etc.).

    Unless you fish. If you fish, SW Florida is heaven on earth.
  11. Ship it to yourself C/O your father at his address. He can receive the package, BUT he can't open it.
  12. the only place to shoot in Ft. Myers is Fowler firearms on fowler. Its not cheap and it also will cost you a $10 membership. You cant bring your own ammo and youre charged by the half hour. Best and cheapest bet is to take the 20 minute drive to punta gorda and go shooting at Cecil-Webb. Its 3 dollars a person to use the entire area $6 per car load and you can shoot basicly anything you want. If you get done shooting and decide you wanna go fishing, the Webb has like 8 stocked lakes full of bass, catfish, bluegil, and a bunch of other fish. Or you can drive around the grades and look for wildlife. I was just driving down seaboard grade sunday afternoon and saw 3 deer, 4 gators and a bunch of big birds. Ive seen pigs and bobcats there befor too. But its not huntin season so dont shoot at anything alive. FWC patrols the entire Webb.
  13. As has been posted, Fowler St. Firearms on Fowler St. in Ft. Myers is available as is Cecil-Webb ( where I usually go ). Don't forget the Citadel. It is another indoor range across the river in Cape Coral just off of Del Prado Blvd.

    As for things to do, the water is where it is at down here. Most people who live here like to do something on the water; fishing and beer, jetskiing and beer, beach and beer,.....etc.

    EDT: I forgot to mention that here is SW Fl. we have mastered the art of doing as little as possible. This is when a hammock and cold drink(beer?) come in handy.
  14. How much do they charge to shoot at the Citadel? Ive never been there befor even though i pass it on my way to work alot. From what i understood you had to be a club member or something.
  15. We have a possible shuttle launch comming up next month. Even if you don't want to go in KSC, you can watch it from just about any beach on the east coast. However the closer the better. I have seen it from about 5 miles away and 75 miles away, I like it closer.

  16. I can't remember, it has been quite a while since I have been there. Also many of the people I have dealt with as an FFL holder have said that they thought the guy was a jerk. I will admit that he lacks some personality but I usually brush that kind of thing off.
  17. +1 on Webb. The only advantage to Fowler Firearms is that it is indoors and you can shoot at 5 yards. But it will cost you plenty. Last time I was there ( the only time ) it worked out to about $2 a minute for my time on the range. That is with ammo of course. Then again they do have rentals

    Call your airline and double check that you can't check a gun in your luggage.
  18. Yeah i stopped by Citadel yesterday with a buddy of mine. The owner and 2 guys that were there talking to him just stared at us as we looked around. They didnt even say a word. Kinda creepy. Plus i dont like being buzzed in and out of somewhere. I wont be going back. I also i heard hes basicly a nazi. Really racist. As for fowler, I go there every once in a while. Im friendly with the guys there. They are all really cool guys. I kinda have free roam of the store, i walk behind the counter and check out any new guns when i want. Its not a bad place to shoot, but like its been said, not cheap.
  19. you just ship it to yourself with your name on the package. He can sign for it but it is to you.
  20. also here is the answer from the ATF website:

    B9) May a nonlicensee ship firearms interstate for his or her use in hunting or other lawful activity? [Back]

    Yes. A person may ship a firearm to himself or herself in care of another person in the State where he or she intends to hunt or engage in any other lawful activity. The package should be addressed to the owner. Persons other than the owner should not open the package and take possession of the firearm.