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Problem after installing DVD writer

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Last Christmas I was in Staples and saw a Sony DVD writer and after all the little rebates I thought it was pretty good deal. So I bought it, but didnt install it until a few weeks ago since I was in between places to live, and my computer was in storage.

Anyways, it is a Sony DRU-800, Dual-Layer DVD writer. After I put it in my computer started fine, it still started up pretty quick. But after i shut down and started back up, the little HP screen would come up, but thats it. I finally got it to go into the BIOS, and turned, if im remembering correctly, diagnostic startup. Whatever its called where it shows the disks, mouse, keyboard and all when it starts up.

When I restarted I noticed that it would hang up when it was going through the list of everything when it got to the DVD writer. It doesnt do it every time, but its enough to get very very aggrevating. I have installed as Secondary Slave.

If it helps any my computer is a HP with 2.5GHz P4, running XP Home.

I need help, its so irritating having to turn this thing on and off until it finally works that i havent even tried it since that first night.

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Not all PC's work well with two drives.Also make sure the only CD/DVD writing program you have is not more than one program.If the DVD drive is set as slave make sure the other CD drive is set as master at it's jumper(s) not cable select.If your PC works with cable select make sure both drives are set to cable select at their jumpers.
Thank you for the suggestion, I will check and make sure the other drive is set to master, and if it still doesnt work, I will replace the old drive with the new one and just have one and see if that works. I will report back any findings when I get time to try it out. Thanks again.
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