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Pro Two way radios

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by KYgundoc, Jan 1, 2005.

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Valley Station, KY
    Here is the latest FS or Trade list and yes i will trade for guns and accessories. If you are fire, police, or secuity I can have these programmed to your frequencies for a nominal fee.

    GE MPA Select VHF 16 channels, Like new with Good battery and mobile charger. This radio has full alpha numeric display. Radio only $90.00 Radio with Mobile charger (Convertacom) $135.00
    GE MTL VHF 16 channel scan, used unit with battery and charger. Looks like an MPA with no display. $65.00
    GE MTL UHF 16 channel scan, used unit with battery and charger. Looks like an MPA with no display. $65.00
    GE MPD Voice Guard scan 48 channel alpha numeric display with battery and mobile charger without charger$80.00 with Mobile charger $125.00
    GE MPD Select VHF 48 channel Alpha numeric display, with battery and charger $65.00
    GE PCS VHF 8 channel, with battery and charger $60.00
    GE PCS UHF 8 channel, with battery and charger $60.00
    GE PLS VHF 16 channel radio has battery and antenna $50.00 I have 9 of these radios and if you get 5 or 6 I will add a 5 or 6 position rack charger. These all talk to each other Buy 5 with a rack charger $225.00
    GE MPI II UHF 2 channel, these radios will do 2 repeaters and a switch lets you use the talk around of each repeater. Chargers but no batteries in yet $30.00 each
    GE MPS VHF 12 channel, Ham split 136 – 151 MHz with battery and charger $60.00 each
    GE MPS UHF 12 channel, 450 – 470 has battery and charger $60.00 each
    GE TPX 800 MHz 2 channel pair with batteries and one desk charger and this set talk to each other on 2 test simplex frequencies. $65.00 pair
    Johnson scorpion VHF 16 channel scan, No charger $40.00
    Johnson Challenger FM 5852 VHF Portable and charger, Bad battery $30.00
    Marconi UHF 16 channel scan, No charger $40.00
    Motorola HT 750 VHF 16 channel scan. Like new radio with like new battery and charger. Radio and Battery are intrinsically safe, $250.00
    Motorola Saber 1 UHF 440-470 12 channel. Used industrial radios with no battery or charger $70.00 each
    Kenwood TK250G VHF scan with battery and charger, I think this is a 160 channel radio that look like new but missing speaker mic plug cover $175.00

    GE MLS UHF 2 channel 40 watt, I have 2 of this model $60.00
    GE Phoenix sx VHF 16 channel scan with all accessories $70.00
    GE Phoenix sx UHF 2 channel with base mic and Power supply $55.00
    GE MDS UHF 2 channel with mic and mounting bracket like new $60.00
    GE Delta sx VHF drawer only 16 channels $55.00
    GE Ranger VHF drawer only 16 channels $65.00
    GE ranger UHF 100 watt new in the box drawer unit only $150.00
    GE Mastr II Low band 42 50 MHz drawer units $15.00
    GE MLS Low band 42 -50 2 channel $75.00
    Motorola Mitrek VHF 100 watt 4 channel drawers $15.00
    GE S990 heads with Brackets and power cables $70.00 each

    Kenwood KPT 10 programmer, I do not know all the radios this programs but I know it programs the TK801 type mobiles. Small suitcase type $150.00
    Kenwood TK722 programming cable fits into the KPT 10 or KPT 20 programmer $45.00
    GE MPA / MPD cable, aftermarket but works fine. I used this until I found a factory cable $35.00
    GE Accessories
    GE Mobile Vehicle charger, “Convertacom” For MPA, MPD, MTL, and TPX portable radios complete with Back plate, Mount, Mic, and speaker. $50.00 I have all Accessories for these
    GE Belt clips $10.00
    GE MPA Leather cases new old stock, both battery sizes in stock. $5.00 each
    GE G-Star decoder $75.00
    GE mobile radio speakers with bracket part number 19A149590P1 $8.00 each lots of 5 pieces $5.00 each

    Antennas and other items
    Decibel 8 bay UHF dipole antenna $100.00
    Hustler H6 UHF fiberglass antenna $60.00
    Cushcraft Ringo Ranger VHF antenna $25.00
    Cushcraft UHF 11 element beam antenna $30.00
    CES Model 520 – D Intelligent Duplex interconnect (phone patch) $35.00
    Ham crystals for Johnson PPL 6000 series radios 445.000 TX and RX, 449.400 TX and 444.400 RX, 449.100 TX and 444.100 RX $20.00 each set
    Midland E-prom module has number 383B on it for the Part number $20.00
    Amphenol male TNC connectors for GE equipment $3.50 each

    All of these are FS or trade and I will trade for radios or let me know what you have and I will let you know if I am interested. Sales are plus shipping. Trades you must send your item to me first. Please if you want more info mention the item you are interested in. I only take US postal Money orders and Paypal