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Pro Two way radios

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by KYgundoc, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. KYgundoc


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    Nov 7, 2003
    Valley Station, KY
    GE MPA Select VHF 16 channels, Like new with Good battery and charger. This radio has full alpha numeric display.
    GE MTL VHF 16 channel scan, used unit with battery and charger. Looks like an MPA with no display. Sale pending
    GE MTL UHF 16 channel scan, used unit with battery and charger. Looks like an MPA with no display. Sale Pending
    GE MPD Select VHF 48 channel Alpha numeric display, with battery and charger. Sale Pending
    GE PCS VHF 8 channel, with battery and charger
    GE PCS UHF 8 channel, with battery and charger
    GE PCS edacs 800 MHz system model with full keypad Trade pending
    GE PLS VHF 16 channel radio has battery and antenna I have 9 of these radios and if you get 5 or 6 I will add a 5 or 6 position rack charger.
    GE MPI II UHF 2 channel, these radios will do 2 repeaters and a switch lets you use the talk around of each repeater. Chargers but no batteries in yet
    GE MPS VHF 12 channel, Ham split 136 – 151 MHz with battery and charger
    GE MPS UHF 12 channel, 450 – 470 has battery and charger
    Motorola HT50 VHF 2 channel, Battery and charger Trade pending
    Johnson scorpion VHF 16 channel scan, No charger
    Marconi UHF 16 channel scan, No charger
    Kenwood TK330 UHF 20 channel scan, with battery and charger. Trade pending
    GE MLS UHF 2 channel 40 watt, I have 2 of these
    GE Phoenix sx VHF 16 channel scan with all accessories
    GE Phoenix sx UHF 2 channel with base mic and Power supply
    GE phoenix sx VHF 2 channel with mic
    GE MDS UHF 2 channel with mic and mounting bracket
    GE Delta sx VHF drawer only 16 channels
    GE Ranger VHF drawer only 16 channels
    GE ranger UHF 100 watt new in the box drawer unit only
    GE Mastr II Low band 42 50 MHz drawer units
    GE MLS Low band 42 -50 2 channel
    Motorola Mitrek VHF 100 watt 4 channel drawers
    Kenwood KPT 10 programmer, I do not know all the radios this programs but I know it programs the TK801 type mobiles.
    Kenwood TK722 programming cable fits into the KPT 10 or KPT 20 programmer
    GE MPA / MPD cable, aftermarket but works fine. I used this until I found a factory cable
    GE Accessories
    GE Mobile Vehicle charger, “Convertacom” For MPA, MPD, MTL, and TPX portable radios complete with Back plate, Mount, Mic, and speaker.
    GE Belt clips
    GE MPA Leather cases new old stock, both battery sizes in stock.
    GE G-Star decoder

    Decibel 8 bay UHF dipole antenna
    Hustler H6 UHF fiberglass antenna
    Cushcraft Ringo Ranger VHF antenna
    Cushcraft UHF 11 element beam antenna

    All of these are FS or trade and I will trade for radios or let me know what you have and I will let you know if I am interested.