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Prisoner STRANGLED with issued Covid Mask

  1. See! Masks ARE dangerous!!!!! :p
  2. Oops. Thought it was about Ghislaine Maxwell.
  3. Prisoners are shanked every day. Prison is hard, man.
  4. If he did it to himself, I'm not sure how big of a news story this is. If someone else did it, how'd they get into his cell with the body only being found on a routine walk-through.
  5. And it will be recorded as a COVID death.
  6. Sounds like suicide. Otherwise known as self re-habilitation.
  7. Finally something good to come out of all this mask wearing.
  8. Hard to believe, what are they making their masks from? The disposable masks I wear would tear apart...
    But what ever gets the population down
  9. Stranglers gonna strangle.
  10. In a sense it was.
  11. How?
    All i got are those flimsy paper ones that break just by putting them on
  12. This sad incident shows how important it is to adjust and wear a mask correctly.
  13. The dead guy was only in on a burglary charge, so it's not like he was a pedo or rapist. If he was a pedo or rapist I'd be cheering this news.

    As it stands, I hate it for his family, you know they're hurting.