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Prime series

  1. Don’t know how good the series is, but the marketing for it really tuned me off.

    “Woman liberates herself by becoming a performer.”

    Ugh. No thanks.
  2. It is set in the 60s, the pilot did not seem to be about women's lib.
  3. I enjoyed the first season very much. The second season was not quite as good in some respects, but I will not say why I felt that way for fear of spoilers.

    Looking forward to Season 3.
  4. The language is hard to take. Gotta give it a pass.
  5. Maybe I'll catch that one. We've had Prime for a while but didn't get interested until "Carnival Row" was advertised. Hooked both the wife and I==combination of Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, maybe a little Peter Pan with a pinch of Steampunk added. Waiting breathlessly for Season 2.

    Watching "Trapped"=a modern mystery in Iceland. English Subtitles. Small town in Iceland with issues arising from the 21st Century entering along with murder. First season involved a dismembered body (First murder recorded in the town) that washes up as the weekly ferry from Denmark arrives.

    Also watched two Soviet/Russian movies. One was the story of the Russian WOMAN sniper with the highest number of kills (300+) in WWII. Seemed to be the basis for "Enemy at the Gate" Then one on a a battalion of women who volunteered and organized to fight the Germans in WWI. BOTH were very good (EXCELLENT!!)

    Good timing because my knee and leg are still healing!
  6. Trapped was excellent. Since you liked that, try Hinterland (set in Wales) and Shetland.
  7. If you liked Trapped, you might try Fortitude.

    My only real disappointment with Carnival Row was finding out it was not based upon a book.
  8. Fortitude was a great series, as was Trapped.

    The Bosch series is one of my favorites.
  9. I've got Fortitude on DVD. Yes we really enjoyed it.

    I've read almost all of Michael Connelly books.
  10. Despite the changes from the book material, Jack Ryan series on Prime is quite good.

    I had issues with how they changed Greer but I got past it and it is a very entertaining series.
  11. My wife and I liked Monk with Tony Shalhoub, and he is a really cute character in this series. My wife and I like this show, but the language is about as bad as bad language can get. The show is so well made that it takes you back to the late '50s. Even so, the language brings the show down.
  12. Fortitude was good. Bosch is excellent. Carnival Row is dark, I mean literally dark i.e, hard to see. I also found it slow moving and boring. Have trouble staying awake watching it. Haven't seen Trapped. Gonna have to give it a look.

    Series I've enjoyed...

    The Boys is kinda weird with a twist ending.
    Gallipoli is pretty good.
    Patriot is kinda weird
    Jack Ryan is good.
    Blood and Treasure is kinda weak but okay.
    Hanna was okay.
    The Tick is okay.
    The Expanse is very good.
    The Informer is good.
    Heat of the Sun was good
    The Night Manager was good
    The Last Post was good
    Falling Skies is very good.
    Defiance is okay
    Man in the High Castle is good
    Generation Kill is very good
    Justified is very good
    All three of the Stargate series are good
    Strike Back is pretty good.