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Model FUL-DRP-9-B-B
For Glock 17/17C/17L/19/19C/26/34 Gen 1-3

$145 shipped

"Zev Technologies Adjustable Fulcrum Drop-In Trigger kit is an important upgrade for your Glock. The trigger face is flatter and the trigger safety is three times wider than a stock trigger; which makes it ideal for quickly placing your finger in the optimal firing position. The pre-travel and over-travel are adjustable to allow for a shorter pull, crisper break and faster reset. The Adjustable Fulcrum Trigger Drop-In Kit has a polished steel trigger bar, ZEV trigger pad and safety constructed of 6061 aircraft grade T6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish, trigger safety spring, ejector housing, race connector, 2lb and 3lb striker springs, stainless steel firing pin safety, firing pin safety spring, and two adjustment wrenches. This model is compatible with Glock 17/17C/17L/19/19C/26/34 Gen1-3 and has a black hardcoat anodized finish."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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