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Pretty nice in the deer woods today..

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38F, no wind, sunshine. I have my favorite rifle, a Ruger M77 Ultralight in 257 Robert's. I'm healthy enough to enjoy it. Pretty good day.
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I had a good size deer today laying down right behind my backyard up against my split rail fence for about an hour. I had plenty of time to order a tag & license online. Unfortunately it is a land trust which forbids hunting, otherwise I would have easily taken it with one of my bows.

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I was out just south of Houghton Lake (MI) the last couple days. Kinda of nippy this morning (21 F) Got 2" of snow last night and 4" more today. Like ReaPer105 I have a doe in the freezer but still looking for the 10 pt I saw the day before the season opened. Hunting with my Marlin 375 lever gun.

Good luck to all.
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