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Pretty danged quiet in here

  1. Somebody could swing a dead cat in here and not worry about hitting anybody.
  2. Shot my first IDPA in almost a year last night. Been going over wtf I didn't know today.

    Other than that. Yeah, not much going on.
  3. XDG, shoot man, we're pretty close to each other, all thing considered. My major motivation in upgrading my Glock was to begin defense pistol training. Turns out my old weapon was so worn that the slide wouldn't even lock back. Looking forward to hitting the range soon. I shoot at the Boyle County Fish & Game Sportsmans Club.
  4. I bought my 17Gen4 off my old boss. Which was a huge mistake :) I tell him every time I see him that he sold me an addiction and not a gun. I shoot with him at IDPA every now and again.

    I shoot at S&D Range in Nicholasville. May start shooting at BGSL this Spring/summer.
  5. I shoot at the Piasa Pistol and Rifle Club. Open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days. Estabished in 1937. Indoor range. Members only. NRA match shoots and team shoots. Lot of good people, lot of fun.