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Pretty Big

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Jul 31, 2003.

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    A Texan goes to Toronto for a vacation.

    There he grabs a cab at the airport and says he's on his way to The Royal York Hotel.

    The Cabby heads downtown on his way he passes Queens Park,
    "What's that" says the Texan

    "Oh! That's Queens Park" says the Cabby, "Its our Provincial Government, its like your State Government" Those buildings are almost 200 years old and they are quite big".

    Oh! We have buildings much older than that and at least twice as large" says the Texan.

    They continue along and past First Canadian Place.
    "Holy cow" says the Texan "What's that"?

    "Why that's First Canadian Place, its the biggest office complex in the country" says the Cabby " it took almost 4 years to build".

    "Really" says the Texan "Why in Houston they have buildings twice that big, and built in less than 1/2 the time"

    They continue on the way, the cabby a little miffed at the bragging, when they drive past the CN Tower. Now the Texan has his head out the window looking up at the 1850' tower and rotating restaurant at 1300'

    "Holy Crap!" says the Texan. "What in gods name is that? How long did it take to build that!

    The Cabby non chalantly glances out the window and says -
    "Heck if I know, it wasn't there yesterday"!