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Preparation of bike to ride from 4 year storage

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I am buying a bike from a guy who has had it in a garage for 4 years. It has been on the centerstand. It is a ZX11. Everything looks great on the outside. He had it serviceed before it sat. He had a promotion and never rode it.

He is looking to give me a deal to get it out of his garage. Aside from a new battery and inflating the tires, what do I need to do before I ride it?

Thank s for all assistance.
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flush any fuel, you may have to clean the carbs, look for dry rot on tires, any rubber hoses, sitting that long, I'd pull axles, check bearings, chain, cables, and lube everything! you might change all fluids, engine oil, fork oil, give it a complete once over and good luck

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Originally posted by dmobrien2001
You might just plan on replacing the tires ASAP. They dry out and get hard. Hard tires == lost traction...
amen on this... tires are life blood on the bike..

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I'm not sure if that particular bike has carbs or is fuel injected, but if it does have carbs I will whole-heartedly recommend Yamaha Carb Cleaner. Follow the directions on the bottle...this stuff is the cat's pajamas.;)
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