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Preference between g3/4/5 g26?

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im looking at picking up a Glock 26. I like the gen 4 over the 3 due to the increased grip texture and magazine release. I’m not a huge fan of the gen 5 as it seems without the finger grooves my hand slips down the grip and I don’t seem to get the best grip. I’m one of the few where the finger grooves actually fit me well. The gen 3 I don’t mind but the less grip texture and the magazine release I don’t like. I have a hard tome reaching the magazine releases without severely breaking my grip due to my small hands. In your opinions what generation do you like the most? Pricing local to me I can get a frying pan gen 3 very very lightly used for 425, gen 4 fde used with some wear for 395, gen 4 brand new for 510 and a gen 5 brand new for 565
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I’m a Gen4 fan. I like the increased size of the mag release and the expressed size of the grip. I’m not the typical gun forum dude that is 6’6” 240lbs and can palm a VW bug. My fingers are shorter and the Gen4 frame really fits me well. I did not see enough improvement in Gen5s to make a change in my lineup. I’ll stick with my 26.4, I love it. If I were you, I’d have already snagged the the FDE 26.4 you mentioned, hands down.
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