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Preference between g3/4/5 g26?

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im looking at picking up a Glock 26. I like the gen 4 over the 3 due to the increased grip texture and magazine release. I’m not a huge fan of the gen 5 as it seems without the finger grooves my hand slips down the grip and I don’t seem to get the best grip. I’m one of the few where the finger grooves actually fit me well. The gen 3 I don’t mind but the less grip texture and the magazine release I don’t like. I have a hard tome reaching the magazine releases without severely breaking my grip due to my small hands. In your opinions what generation do you like the most? Pricing local to me I can get a frying pan gen 3 very very lightly used for 425, gen 4 fde used with some wear for 395, gen 4 brand new for 510 and a gen 5 brand new for 565
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I’m not sure I push the right button’s for quoting the above, but what I wanted to note is that the analogy to the 43 and handling it without finger grooves seems that it would make sense when you think about a GEN 5 - 26 without finger grooves even though it still has that one grove at the bottom next to the magazine. I don’t think I’ve heard a single person who owns a 43 complain about them not having GROVES has hurt their control, not one.
I don't have a problem with control of the 42 or 43, but neither have ever been subjected to adverse, sweaty, rainy, muddy or bloody conditions where grip is challenged. The absence of finger grooves does reduce the actual contact area between the hand and the gun, to a measurable. Unfortunately for some, the grooves just don't fit, so any benefit is negated. Both guns fit a niche for us now, but we’ve considered them for long-term options. Both would be retired if the right gun(s) came along.
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