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    Sep 10, 2002
    "Shot in the back, was they?".
    I got my EMT certificate in Sept of 1972. I worked as both a driver and attendant for about 3 years. This was while I was in college.
    We were one of the first classes to graduate in Indiana. At the time we were Federally registered, there was no state registration in Indiana. We were employees of the local General Hospital. I had about a years experience as an ER orderly prior to the Hospital taking over the county wide ambulance service. We worked two EMT's to a car, a driver and attendant.

    Because we were a new commodity, we got lots of coverage in the local paper. My wife saved newspaper clippings anytime my picture was in the paper. I look like the kid I was in those photos.

    I am glad I had that experience, but I knew it wasn't a career for me. The guys I worked with were a combination of college age young men, and 30 something experienced old hands-they hadn't been EMT's but worked for professional ambulance companies.
    Of the more then 2 dozen EMT's I went through the class with, as far as I know not one of them worked more then 5 years after graduating.