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    A wealthy industrialist felt the need for a little divine assistance with a stock deal he was trying to close.....he went to church for the first time in years, and knelt in prayer.
    "Lord," he intoned, "Please help me close this deal....I know you're busy, and have people calling on you 24/7, but I really need this will mean a lifetime of ease for me, in which I'l have all the wealth I need, and I promise to give generously to your good works for the rest of my life!"
    As he was leaving the church, he saw a poor fellow, shabbily dressed, praying fervently, and overheard the plaintive offering....
    "Lord, I need your family is starving, I have no job, no money, and don't know where to turn...."
    Pulling a wad of bills from his pocket, the rich guy tossed the money to the other fellow and said, "Here, Buddy, take this, God's too busy for that trivial crap!"