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practical martial arts that works on streets?

  1. im always a fan of aikido discipline, why is it in the ufc arena or the local urrc it's seldom to have an aikido fighter its more on a brazilian jujitsu fighter or discipline that is commonly used what are the most effective form of martial arts/self-defense that works on the streets: traditional aikido,brazillian jijutsu,ninjutsu,judo,jetkundo,taekwondo,yawyan,arnis,systema of russia,navy seal martial arts,karatedo,kung-fu,wushu,kalimasada of indonesia,muytai, boxing,kickboxing,combat aikido and many more to mention, im planning to take up a refresher course in traditional aikido of omar or azarcom black pantheraikido,however im considering also the brazilian jijutso can you guys imparts opinions & some comments pros and cons, the advantages or disadvantages of a given martial arts forms
  2. ako dre "sayonatse" gamit ko lalo na pagdi ko carry boomer ko. :supergrin: just kidding bro, welcome nga pala sa BoG's!!

    studied martial arts when i was grade-6 until 4-year high school.
    pero hindi continuous yung training ko sa loob noong 5yrs, minsan 8-9 months lang sa loob ng isang taon.
    studied KARATE(okinawan style)in King Cobra Karate Brotherhood(KCKB)under the direct supervision of sensie Jose "George" Borces & sensie Gunny Mangubat. Pati na rin ng tatay ko na 3rd dan black belt. :)

    once you've learn the principle, di na mawawala sa yo yan.
    kaya nga lang we have to have a refresher course nga as you say kasi malutong na mga buto natin(or sakin lang siguro)di katulad noong medyo bata-bata pa. ;) ;)
  3. Ako nung bata-bata pa rin medyo mataas ang ranking ko pero ng lumaki ang tiyan, naging maganda na lang pantago ng CCW ang laki ng tiyan ko eh!.
  4. hi charlie, di na pang sports yung katawan natin kung 'di pang handan na sa fiesta....!!!:animlol: :rofl:
  5. At my age, the best form of martial arts is : I have a driver who weighs 90 kilos and will die/kill for me.
  6. No need to learn the art , just wear the shirt

    I was laughing at a guy sa alabang town I thought he was wearing pajamas, until I read his shirt w/c said - Gracie Barra
    Woops, pasok muna sa powerbooks hehe

    a friend of mine from thailand gave me a shirt from some muay thai school
    I notice people would stare at the shirt, look at me then look away

    So I jst plan on buying the shirts from the different arts
    Pag kumasa , madali naman tumakbo
  7. aikido cguro is not used cos its too deadly, its techniques are against the rules of UFC/URCC, imagine seeing some dude's bones being broken.....cool:supergrin:

    anyway its too deadly:thumbsup:

    i knew someone who was a disciple of jiu-jitsu, a scion of the escudero family of san pablo, taga la salle, conyo, 6 footer, 20yrs old palang ata, someone tried to steal his cellphone, lumaban, nung unang beses binugbog nya using jiu-jitsu......binalikan sya, me dala nang baril kalaban nya...may he rest in peace:sad:
  8. "in combat, one is required only that his art be practical and completely effective, caring nothing for style or philosophy."
    this was said i think by toshishiro obata (pls correct me if i'm wrong)
    gusto ko lang sana share sayo ito baka makatulong rin to whatever you are seeking.
    i have been practicing martial arts elementary pa lng ako. i'm shodan in karate. i think i can handle man arnis. i thought i look cool wearing my hakama in aikido. hehe and i'm proud to say na noon in karate we practice barefoot on the ground & we no longer wear the upper keikogi. at kelangan yung mga junior mag linis muna sa dojo bago mag practice at pag mag spar full contact. but the true test of martial skills was when i entered the military academy. hehehe (kung sa tingin mo siga ka na martial artist try mo sumubuk mag spar sa cadete) :supergrin:
    but natigil lng ako nung namatay yung teacher ko. nag prapractice pa rin ako but wala na yung feeling na gusto mag excel.

    by the way, d ba shooting is a martial art also? for me and i deeply believe in this, martial art din ito kasi its like practicing kendo or kenjutsu or iaido or arnis for that matter but what we are using are firearms d ba? today, there are likely more chances that magamit mo in actual combat yung baril mo than your sword d ba? but thats just me. i always like to hear or read others expert opinion or opinions. :)
  9. Bawal nga ata joint manipulation sa UFC/URCC.
  10. sinimulan na akong turuan ni master dojo diyan:thumbsup:
  11. Oo nga pre eh! pati sa sayonatsi mukhang babagsak ako hingal kabayo agad, kaya dapat talaga may G26 na lang.

    Para kahit si Seagal makaharap natin o eto saluhin mo tingga.

  12. si seagal nga sir eh malaking ebak na rin hehe :supergrin:

  13. Dojo P. ? Musta na ba siya? :)
    He's teaching you to run??
  14. Yup, the one and only. Got the chance to practice with him and his padawan last weekend, madami din akong napulot na aral:)

  15. Magaling magturo si Doj , masipag ,di napapagod :)
  16. The S.O.E. boys are practitioners of



    Seriously though, no lone martial art is good enough nowadays, it's all about cross-training ang keeping what works for you. It's good to have a background in boxing, you build up stamina and handspeed, then on to muay-thai for kicks, and then BJJ or other grappling arts for takedowns, submissions, and grappling escapes.

    When you have a background on these, then it's time to move on to weapons (which may be purchased at *EHEM* S.O.E. - hanep ba sa plugging? Discreet kuno! :animlol: )
  17. mannix, sama mo naman ako minsan sa laro. dami ko na nakalimutan sa aikido! parang nakakahiya na mag suot ng hakama!:sad:

    BTW collegedude, for me one of the best martial arts is also boxing.combine mo aikido and boxing, DEADLY talaga!:thumbsup: ok ba mannix?:supergrin:
  18. The best is not to get into any fights. If you do, make sure you overpower your assailant with more weapons and more bodyguards. If he is alone, you and three of your bodyguards should feast on him. If he pulls out a knife, you shoot him with your pistol. If he pulls out a pistol, you let your bodyguards to give him a spray of MP5 bullets. he he he. If all else fails, resort to SAYONATSI (sa yo na tsinelas ko) and SAYONAWA (sa yo na wallet ko wag mo lang ako saktan) is good.
  19. sa madaling salita bro kapag me lakad, spartan na tsinelas nalang ang gamitin tsaka wag madala ng wallet.
    lagay mo nalang sa bulsa ang pera na barya or di kaya yung gusot-gusot na parang sukli sa jeep. ;) ;)
    wag din masyadong gumilid sa pag-naglakad sa mall baka maka-sipa ka ng mga display at wala kang pambayad, baka ikaw pa makulong. :animlol::rofl:
  20. buti na lang tinuruan ako ng mga magulang ko ng KUNG TU noong bata pa ako. ilang beses ko din nagamit sa street fight. mabilis pa din ako KUNG TU makbo eh.:animlol:
  21. i think your recommendation is the best hhehe
  22. All martial arts are practical once you've learned and mastered them, but some martial arts are easier to learn and master than others, the newer and more modern martial arts are far easier to learn and master than the older ones, the western martial arts are also easier to learn and master than the eastern ones, martial arts that teach forms are easier to learn and master than those that don't.

    Grappling arts are easier to learn and master than arts that teach striking.

    Traditional martial arts that teach forms and striking are the hardest to learn of all.

    Grappling is good, the problem is you can only handle one attacker and only when he is unarmed.

    Boxing is good but only against one attacker who is unarmed and doesn't know grappling. The same is true with kickboxing and muay thai.

    If you want all around martial skill, then you have to go with the traditional martial arts, problem is its too difficult and therefore impractical to learn for 99% of the human population.

    So what do you do?

    Forget about the martial arts and you go for simplest and easiest option, rely on weapons, that's what. ( unless you're part of the super lucky 1%, and if that's the case, congratulations! good for you! )

    Get a small fixed knife, or better yet get two for each hand, that takes care of your short range self defense needs.

    For medium or long range, rely on pepperspray and firearms.

    That's it, self defense is and should be very simple, problem is, the anti-self defense crowd is trying their best to make it hard for everybody by introducing legislation that prevents us from taking the easiest and simplest path to practical self defense.

    So whatever you do, fight against the anti-self defense crowd, fight them like your life depends on their total defeat, because it does. And so does the life of your loved ones.

    Fight for a Philippine Second Amendment!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  23. yeah, boxing & aikido, good combination of manny seagal & steven paquiao will do the job hehhehe
  24. yeah tom, a combination of different discipline will surely kick some butt, especially in knife technique, by the way dude, still remember me im the guy who traded my plus glock mag to your flat mag, im looking forward to see u again in soe, with sonny g_17 if we have time
  25. yeah, practical shooting is considered as highest form of martial arts for me, however our 9mm/.40 best buddy is not always with us 24/7 we can't really rely on it, accidents/encounters strikes when least expected. by the way are you a former cad. of PMA?
  26. Aikido as its taught by most schools will only be applicable if you do years of it, under the best teacher. I would say someone doing 15 years of yoshinkan aikido in tokyo will be able to defend himself.

    Aikido though in general lacks striking, which IMHO is essential for any practical SD applications. Unless your training exclusively to restrain staggering drunks, you'll need to hit and distract your opponent prior to applying a joint lock. Aikido mentioned atemi or striking but doesn't teach its application.

    The UFC / URCC is a fighting sports format and shouldn't be used a measuring rod for street effectiveness of systems. The format guarantees that you will only be fighting one person, there will be no weapons that will come into play and there will be someone to stop the fight before it becomes too dangerous. On the streets, there are no guarantees.

    Actually, physical self-defense should be last resort only. Most of the risk we face from violent crime is in fact avoidable. There's a time and place for fighting for your life,and I choose to do my best to hopefully never see that day.
  27. running na ang art ko ngayon dre.

    minsan habulan tayo, lets see if you can catch me:rofl:
  28. bro, you have trained under yoshinkan dojo? do you know sir romy? He trained in Japan and thought us aikido (yoshinkan) which is different form most tradtional aikido (like rolling etc.)
  29. actually for me sir there is really nothing that we can rely in this world but The Lord :)

    na PM na kita dyan sir. :)
  30. I know Romy from way back, before he began studying Yoshinkan style. You're lucky to study under him. :)
  31. No problem collegedude, daan lang kayo if you have the time. It's fun to stay there and shoot the breeze, and get a few tips from Bien on knives and techniques from time to time.

    The SOE family is always growing, and now people like hot_fire, 3kings, and melbu hang out from time to time and talk. The regulars like sniperweasel, bikethief, myself, and AllanRR also hangout there to help out...
  32. hey czynar! he's my teacher and we even became friends! from what dojo you were from? i was a student at makati dojo, in jp rizal. sad to say, he now stays in japan, mastering in yoshinkan headquarters. i was among the last batch he taught the yoshinkan aikido. sad to say my belt stays in white.:sad: the last time we saw each other probably in 2002 when he came home and had a three day seminar in rizal coliseum, with some of his students from la salle and some black belters from combat aikido, which are my friends too. i believe if i'm not mistaken he started from combat aikido.
  33. ows? eh kanina nakita ko, black ang belt mo eh:animlol: :supergrin:
  34. ngongo! pati belt ko sinisilip mo... broakback! :animlol: :rofl: :animlol:
  35. basahin mo nga ang post mo, tapos tanungin mo sarili mo sino ngongo, wrong spelling wrong!:animlol:

    row 4 ka sa spelling no?:tongueout:
  36. ok na yun basta naintindihan!:tongueout:
  38. cheapest way to learn MA is a .45 to the hip.
  39. Where's bikethief when you need him ? :)

    I believe bawal nga joint manipulation sa UFC/Pride
    Kasi they try to rip them off :)
    Anyone see Sakuraba turn Renzo Gracie's arm into spaghetti?
  40. yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! or beng-beng? both!
  41. he was my teacher in our aikido club in school (La Salle), di pa yoshinkan, nung pagbalik niya in 1999 or 2000 ata, kami yung unang batch ng yoshinkan na tinuruan niya... pero yun nga pabalik balik siya sa Japan... combat siya then reverted to traditional then yoshinkan... more on form ang yoshinkan...

    My early instructors were Sir Allan along with Sir Romy.. then nung yoshinkan si Sir Romy, balik lahat sa white when he introduced Yoshinkan,

  42. i think that was the elbow joint, broken by saku's kimura. hindi ata considered small joint yan
  43. hehehehe...basta wag ka lilipad:tongueout:
  44. yup i know sir allan too! he's very very good, as well as in arnis. you might know sir francis too, he's an alternate teacher of sir romy, he followed sir romy's footstep in japan. that's same year we started the yoshinkan, sometimes la salle and our class joins in some classes. were you able to attend his seminar in 2002? some of his students from la salle were there. sad to say no one continues the yoshinkan, sir allan for awhile in his own dojo at pandacan but stopped when his dojo needed renovations. i really miss the practicing aikido, especially yoshinkan. sabi ko nga kay emmanuel, pwede ako mag uke sa kanya! :rofl:
  45. Yup si Francis, black na siya then went back to white dun sa Yoshinkan.. kasabay ko nun.. Doctor na ba siya? I was invited kaso medyo busy nung 2002... SOme of my friend were there Inaki (emmanuel, if we're talking about the same person) and Francis ata was there.. tumaba na ba si Francis? tumuloy nga din daw sa Japan... mga addict sa LARO hehehe... nakwento ba yo ni Sir ROmy na siya lang yung naksupporter sa Japan, pinagtatawanan siya ng mg ahapon kasi sila wala kahit brief...

  46. yup, he told that story. sir francis is a very serious teacher and student. di ko na sya nakita eh, parang wala ata sya nun 2002, sya naman at nasa japan. in 2002 after the session we even had a celebration in a nightclub of my friend in makati. we had a good time then.

    sorry to get you into this, emmanuel is not inaki, it's.... manix sabihin ko ba?:rofl:
  47. Yoshinkan po ba yung branch na headed ni Gozo Shioda?

    Trivia question/clarification: There's a frenchman named John Havan who is currently teaching an integrated form of self defense here in Metro Manila. He has a yellow book with a companion cd selling at National Bookstore. I wonder if he's the same 'frenchman' who taught aikido decades ago (70s or 80s)?
  48. mannix! wrong spelling ka na naman. gusto mo talaga mag-uke? tara sa sunday.:banana:
  49. di nga ako pwede sunday eh!:tongueout:
  50. yup! he is...