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Sam Spade to be chief instructor for this class.

Pima County Parks and Recreation and Gator Farms Tactical present
Practical Handgun Training
Where: SERP, 0900, 1/19/2018, $100.
Learn basic carry methods, how to draw from a holster, Inside the waistband, Outside the waistband, and Pocket Carry of a small handgun. tactical reloads, how and when to carry your handgun. Most of the day will be spent on the range in multiple positions firing from dominant and non-dominant hand.
You need: a reliable carry handgun, semi-auto for most people. You can attend the class with a revolver but you must be able to speed reload so we can increase the tempo of the class throughout the day. A working holster AND magazine holder, or speed reloader, 300 rounds of ammunition. Safety glasses and ear protection.

Contact: Register on line at
For more information [email protected]
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