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Powder spillS

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Well it's been a while since I've posted to this forum and at that time I was just getting my Dillon XL650 set up. In the mean time I picked up a Dillon RL 550b also. I have the 650 set for 9mm and the 550 for 45acp I love them both they both work smooth with no hiccups, except when I mess up, ha.

Now that brings me to a question, what do all of you do for powder spills? I know none of you have ever done that so this only apples to me. Do you use a vacuum, compressor (blowing it every where) or?

Gary W
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I drove like a maniac when I was younger... still here. Does than mean it was safe?

Well, I guess I am wrong... just like the powder manufacturers who say a vacuum should not be used.

But why risk it when other methods are OK?

That is garbage. What is unsafe about it? Black powder yes. Live primers yes. Not modern smokeless powder. Static does not light it off. Please espouse to me how using a shop vac on smokeless powder is dangerous. Especially when it is a bypass design. Sprinkle some on a paper plate and light it. Common sense.

The lawyers made your firearm manufacturers state that you should NEVER carry the weapon loaded and always unload it for transport. Do you do that too?
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