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Powder overload

  1. New Glocker from Indiana,
    I've seen some sage advice here, need some finer points of the Glock.
    I've been shooting CZ75's and EAA 9mm Match and EAA 45Match. just bought the new gen 5 G45. need some advice on powder over loads for this pistol.
    I've got 100 Rounds of Titegroup 9mm loaded with 5 gr and 124 gr bullet. Shoot it of scrap it?
  2. What bullet? Lead, plated or fmj?
  3. Sierra JHP, Sierra flat nose plated 124 gr
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    Best to ask questions in General Glocking. This is the intro forum.
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  8. What does the book say? Is it within spec or over? If it works in your CZ I would try one round and see the result. It's probably good if it worked in other guns.When I test a new load like I did last week I take all my 9's and try each one, one round then a few after. But it's up to you.
  9. Welcome -- enjoy your time here. :couch: That's me when you fire off the first one.
  10. ...roughly 25% less than that. ;)
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    Use the Hodgdon site to get into the area.

    I run powder puffs at 3.7 to 3.9 if I was to use Titegroup on coated 124gr. I usually use 700X for 9mm, I just have too much of the stuff to not use it. Titegroup for most other pistol though.

  12. Well if it's that much over then maybe it's take them apart and start over. I didn't look these rds up so was not aware of the overage.It's a pain to take them apart especially that many.
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  15. Thanks for all the input and welcomes. I took the 5gr overloads (4gr max, these were loaded @ 5gr) to the range yesterday, they all shot well, and the G45 survived.
    Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.
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