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posting a photo

  1. I seem to be unable to add a digital photo to my post. I have followed the info on the faq to add an attachment and can't seem to make it work. The photo is a JPEG and I am opening the file on my hard drive using the browse button on the bottom of the post page. I double click on the photo and the icon doesn't show up on the page preview or the submit post thread.

    Can you advise of something else I may try?

    walkin man
  2. Lemme see if it works for me...
  3. Seems to be working at this time, at least. Is your file too large? The upload feature has a 512000 byte limit (noted to the left of the Browse button on the upload page). If it's too big, it won't work.

    If the size ain't the problem, I'm stumped too...
  4. If you "Preview Reply", you'll notice that the "Browse" box containing the path to your pic is blank, on the Attach File line. You'll need to "Browse" again and find the file, then "Submit Reply".

    If you do not use the "Preview Reply" feature (after attaching your pic), and click Submit Reply, it should work fine.
  5. Thanks Glockshootist, I tried it on the last page of the test thread and it worked.
  6. walkin man...happy to help.:) Now let's see the rest of your arsenal.;f