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    Nov 12, 2004
    I have been a customer (wife's car) at Saturn in Cincy (Western Hills) since July 2001. I was pleased back then with the purchase and the car as well as the personable customer care. I also have been taking her care to them since then for routine maintenance (no repairs needed). Man! I always liked going there because of their friendly and good customer service. Free doughnuts and coffee too.

    Well, today I had a need to get her oil changed and a routine check. I almost 'cra**ed my pants when I saw them posted (1 main door to showroom not on either door of customer drive-in bay or walk in door to that section). I just happened to see it when I went back out for a smoke (30 - 40 min. wait). I couldn't believe they had done it. They never had any sign prior to this.

    Well, I decided to use their website and send them the following:
    (edited for name and personal info)
    I have a dilemma. It occurred today when I took my wife's car for service.
    Let me start by saying since July 2001 when I purchased my wife's Saturn L300 I have been very satisfied with all aspects of the purchase, the vehicle and service. I always tell people to consider Saturn (Western Hills), if looking to buy a new vehicle. I have exclusively had the L300 serviced at Saturn/Western Hills.
    That said, I shall immediately have to consider my continued dedication to your business, including purchase and service departments.
    Why? Because you have posted a sign prohibiting law-abiding citizens licensed to carry a concealed firearm into your establishment! I am ++ years old, never been in trouble with the law and always have abided by all laws. I have received extensive training on firearms and laws applying to legal concealed carry of them. I was also required to demonstrate my ability with a firearm including safe handling and qualifying in it's use. I have been background checked for even the most minor offenses by the FBI and the BATF. It is also required to check my background for any mental illness or treatment for such (which would void my ability to obtain a license). My application for license at the Sheriff’s office again did a fingerprint and background check on me. This is required for any and all concealed handgun licensee's to receive their license from the State of Ohio.
    The Constitution of the United States guarantees my right to keep and bear arms. The State of Ohio has checked and re-checked me in numerous ways to agree and issue a license to do so.
    You have essentially decided to post your business against the safest people you could have near you. We are LAW-ABIDING and very aware of the responsibility we assume by being legally licensed to carry a firearm. We DO NOT BREAK LAWS; we go out of our way to ensure all laws are abided by. We also have a duty (as licensed to carry individuals), to avoid any and all confrontation. We, by law must retreat from any threat if an avenue to do so exists.
    Additionally, by posting you have informed 'criminals' (none of which care about laws to begin with) that you and your customers are easy marks because they abide by the law (your posting) and will NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEND AGAINST A VIOLENT ATTACK!
    I ask you to read the following pasted letter:

    What Business Owners in Ohio Need to Know About Ohio’s
    Concealed Handgun Law
    As a business owner and leader in your community we know you put a great deal of
    thought into how to best care for the safety of your patrons and can imagine the recent
    implementation of legalized concealed carry in Ohio left you wondering about your
    responsibilities under the law.
    Businesses that are not specifically named as prohibited locations have no obligation to
    post signs banning legal concealed carry - regardless of advice given by local law
    enforcement, city officials, or Chambers of Commerce.
    46 states nationwide allow residents to carry concealed firearms. There are numerous
    cases where a legally carried firearm was used to stop a violent attack inside a business.
    Studies indicate banning firearms actually increases your risk of a shooting.
    Most telling is one horrific instance at a Luby’s in Killeen, Texas, where a license - holder
    obeyed the law by leaving her legally carried handgun in her car because of signs banning
    weapons, only to see her Mother and Father - as well as 21 other patrons - lose their lives
    at the hands of deranged killer.
    We strongly suggest you take the time to visit our website ( and read “What
    Business Owners Need to Know About the Concealed Carry Law” before making a
    decision to post signs banning weapons in your establishment.
    You will learn there are no credible studies that show increased danger to businesses that
    allow concealed carry and you will learn about the liability issues if you make the decision
    to leave patrons and employees defenseless.
    Ohio’s concealed carry law is the strictest in the nation, requiring 12 hours of training
    including use of deadly force and a thorough criminal background and mental competency
    check. Therefore, you can be assured that license holders have never been convicted of
    any felony or minor drug offense and have never been adjudicated mentally incompetent.
    You certainly don’t know this much about your other customers.
    Once you have a chance to consider the overwhelming evidence in favor of allowing
    concealed carry in your business we are sure you will choose to not discriminate against
    Ohio’s most law - abiding citizens.
    Please let us know when you have removed all posted “no guns” signs and you will be
    removed from our Do Not Patronize While Armed list.
    We welcome your questions; feel free to contact me by email [email protected].
    +++ +++++
    OFCC Business Education Coordinator

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Posted: NO GUNS = NO $'s

    ++++ + ++++
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    Jul 17, 2006
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    Not good to hear, but that's a very respectful and well-thought-out reply. Unless they're steadfast in their mindset, they're almost sure to reconsider after reading that.
    Well done.

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    Mar 24, 2004
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    Did you ever get a response?
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    Nov 12, 2004
    No, I never did. Which is very unusual because they always have followed up any and all service visits with a phone call after a week or so. I was actually waiting for that call to tell them at that time of my feelings. Also they usually mail out a survey to be filled out as to how the service was. I never got that either.
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    Your survey information (if warranty) was not turned in, so you could not put a black mark on their CSI index, or the general manager told the customer service person not to send.