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possible value and age of colt ar-15 a2 sporter II

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first off i have no idea how old this rifle is but a buddy of mine has a colt ar-15 a2 sporter II he is wanting to sell to me and i was trying to put a value on the rifle......i dont have any pictures but i did look it over and this is where you guys come is all original and has a foward assist but no shell deflector, it has a carry handle of course but the sights look like they just have one adjustment...its a 20" full rifle lenght barrel and has an a2 stock...other than the provided info any more info or value will be appreciated and let me know if i left out anything

thanks guys
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oh and the rifle is in almost perfect shape with just a small scratch past the FSB on the barrel
Someone who collects AR's will pay more than a shooter who wants to enjoy the rifle's purpose. I'd offer $500 as a starting point. New is about $800, Mike.
thanks guys he is wanting to sell it to me for 600 so i figured i cant go wrong...i have 3 other ar-15s and a m&p 15-22 so i thought it would be something new and neat to have
For $600, I would jump all over it. Excellent price.
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