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Possible to limit Garand to 5 rounds?

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Hey everyone,

I'm about to pick up my newest toy, an M1 Garand and I'd really like to be able to take it hunting. Is there any way to restrict it's capacity to 5 rounds to make it legal in Florida? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Grassy ass.
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several co's sell garand clips with a limit of 5 rnds...u can also get instructions on how 2 modify a clip a search on google...
Originally posted by G36's Rule
Why would you have to limit it to 5 rounds?
Some hunting regulations only allow 5 rounds in a hunting rifle.... if it is a semi auto usually.
Thanks a ton for all the help guys. I found a few places and ordered a couple of clips. I can't wait to shoot this thing, not as nice as yours Westicle, but it's still a Garand. ;a
Nah, I'm gonna get Bambi with the twin 50s mounted on my Explorer. ;)
Say, that is an idea.

The law says no Centerfire semi-automatic rifles having a magazine capacity of more than five rounds.

It says nothing about belt fed guns...

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