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Possible scenario question?

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Reposted here per viper144...thanks!

If this has been answered in another post, please forgive me...but, since I frequently need to go in stores that have "no weapons allowed" stickers on the outside, I had to ask.
(I know I can still CCW in there if it's only just a sticker on the window with a circle and line across a gun--and I know that, if for some terrible lack of concealment on my part, they find out that I'm armed they can ask me to put my weapon back in my car.)

Ok, purely hypothetical, but...

1) Let's say I'm carrying inside such a store (i.e. BabysRUs, ToysRUs, IKEA, etc.)

2) BG enters the store firing and I feel the need to draw/use my weapon to protect my family, others, or myself.

3) BG is consequently arrested by police or BG threat removed. However, store management now knows that have a weapon on me.

4) What happens to me, even if I re-holster and conceal (and/or happen to be able to leave the scene with my family)? Am I at the "mercy" of the store owners or LE at that point?:dunno:

Again, totally hypothetical...maybe there's no definitive answer either since it might depend on the context of the situation.
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I try to stay away from "what-ifs" here, bro. That's partly because I deal with enough "what is" situations in my day job that "what if" situations become extraneous...partly because one what if leads to more what ifs, and turns a question/answer into a tedious thread that sooner or later gets locked....and mainly, because the GATE section is geared to short questions that can be (relatively) briefly answered.

The brief answer is: don't go places where you're not legal and welcome to carry your gun, when you're carrying it. My late mother told me, "Son, do not go places where you are not wanted." This proved to be good advice, as did something I learned later in life: Do not spend money with people who think you aren't good enough to be there to give it to them.

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