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Posse box/Clipboard. I need one.

  1. I just got hired and I need to provide everything. Im trying to save money where I can so does anyone have a letter sized posse box or clipboard they are willing to let go for cheap?
  2. Don't buy the box, just get the clipboard, they are cheap enough you don't have to scrounge for an used one. If you need forms, just have a folder with tabs for your commonly used forms and you can pull them out of your warbag and clip it to your Posse clipboard instead of lugging the box around with forms in it when you only need one anyway. Trust me, I use the Posse clipboard and it makes it a lot easier than lugging that Posse Box like my coworkers.
  3. Look at Saunders brand. I use one of their 3/8ths inch form holders... I keep the most common stuff inside it (family violence forms, theft complaints, property logs, etc) and the rest in an expanding file in my bag.

    These things aren't that expensive so I wouldn't bet on finding them on the cheap
  4. I used to pack two Posse Box clipboards (one letter and one legal size) and a form holder everywhere I went. Got smart, I bought a Style-A simple form holder. It's small and lightweight, I keep a few copies of the most common forms that I use in it. Then went to Walmart and got a large file box with folders and filled it up with all the forms that I will ever need. That stays in the trunk and is not too big to move if I need to. Also I learned to get a few of the small cheap clipboards (I like the acrylic ones in bright colors) and keep handy if someone needs to write a statement. I just put whatever form I need them to fill out and hand it to them. They dont cost alot so it it gets nasty (blood from crash) I just throw it away, plus I keep a pen attatched to each one. Whole set up cost me a little over 30 bucks verses around 50 per Posse Box.
  5. I might have one for you. Ill look when i get home.
  6. I do the same thing. I picked up 3 of the wooden ones from Wal-Mart for $.97ea.
  7. That's a great idea with the cheap disposable clipboards. I keep a pad of CHP180 (tow/impound) forms clipped backwards on my Posse clipboard. The back of the forms pad has a thick cardboard which I use for padding when writing. I find it helps compared to the hard metal surface.

    The rest of the forms ride in the warbag separated by tabs in the same order as our forms stack for easy reference.
  8. I see no need to have a Posse Box, since every cop I know carries a patrol bag full of crap. I keep all the forms I need in a cheap accordion folder, our ticket books have cardboard backing, and I keep a cheap clipboard for statement forms and accident reports.
  9. I guess I'll be the dissenter.

    I love a box style clipboard. Much easier to carry into a house on a call and have multiple copies of paperwork right there. Eliminates the need to keep going out to the car. Plus, little stuff like paper clips, extra pens, a mini stapler and stapleas, all fit in there. The stuff you need when dealing with paperwork.

    I don't much like the expanding file idea, tried it, doesn't work for me.

    If you want a box but don't want to spend the money, Walmart has plastic versions for $10. They are decent enough. Although, the genuine Posse is only $25 or so.
  10. I use the box, but it isn't essential. One thing I did find cool, was an old medical chart clipboard. It works very well, has a heavy steel front and back, and it's heavy enough it could work as an impact weapon. Mine has been dropped, kicked, slammed in a car door, come off the roof of a squad going down the street (note to rookie, always put your pinch book, clipboard, coffee on the roof in FRONT of your light bar. Then when you remember it, it's stuck in front of or under your lights, not down the last 5 miles of freeway). I can't remember how much I paid for mine, IIRC it was around $5 at a yard sale, and it's more than earned it's keep.
  11. That's one thing I love about my Posse clipboard. It is solid steel and thick enough to block a punch or if I swing it really quickly, I can probably lop off a head like a machete.