Portable Karaoke system any thoughts on this one?

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    Nov 13, 2006
    is Ok
    Hey, check this portable pa system out.

    holds like 49,000 songs.

    Alot of differant formats to work with.
    Usb compatable
    Think you could download your songs from itunes onto to it.

    Remote controll. Cool man.

    Possibly reverb?
    dual mics, separate volume controls.

    70 watts 150 peak not too bad for a personal floor monitor, i'm thinking.

    You can also record on cassette with it,
    maybe use it for song writeing or learning to sing and play the guitar with,
    which is what I want it for.

    Looks like it would only be single track record,
    but for live recording of bands,
    nights spent playin n singin with buddies, ect..
    looks like it would be great.

    Looks like it could be a durable unit, the connections on the back look decent.
    Looks professinal and not kiddie, to me at least.

    Think it comes with a couple mics too.

    Only thing I don't like is AC only.

    no battery power.

    24 lbs. Kinda heavy, but that make me think,
    it's built with quality parts.

    The size looks good though,
    20(W) x 9.5(D) x 12(H) in

    Like Lil' Red said:...... This one is just right.

    I've looked at some portable recording units
    on Musiciansfriend, zzounds. ect..
    For around the same price, You can get dedicated units,

    but they won't do what this thing can.

    of course it won't probably have the record quality that a dedicated unit would either.
    Or a floor monitor/pa system.

    But hey it has its own built in Power amp.

    Not a power house by any means,
    but you can hook it into other auxiliary audio output & input.

    It seems to have the combinations of things that i've been wanting
    in a single portable unit.

    Maybe add a power inverter for DC use though,

    *note to self:

    .....hmmm another mod for my truck........

    Price might be a little steep though....

    $379.00 is cheapest i've found sofar.

    Here it is:


    So what you all think??

    CAVS website http://www.cavsusa.com/

    Details of product: