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More moron lube types spouting off. :whistling:

Glock2636;13028148 said:
To bad she didn't shoot and kill the three losers. That's really the only way to deal with these type of people, the only way they learn. When they are in your home kill them, all of them. Don't let any of them get away either.
voyager4520;13028223 said:
As to the post above mine, my thoughts exactly. I'd be afraid of gunshots or a molotov cocktail coming through the window. I'd be moving somewhere else right away because this looks like another case of lazy, bad LE.

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Funny how so many people from GT were at the scene and refused to do anything. I mean, for them to have so many details and speak with such certainty and conviction! they MUST have been there, right?
I think the OP is a fiction writer.:whistling:
There has to be more to that.

She knew the guys? She knew they were responsible for other crimes?

How'd she know that???
If ignorance is bliss, that is a very happy thread...
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