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PolyTech type 56 spiker AK47... thinking of getting one?

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I just got back from the big gun show here in Las Vegas today. As usual nothing really caught my eye initially. They had WASR-10's for $499 and Arsenal's for $700 as usual. They aslo had lots of AK parts booths.

What really stopped me in my tracks was a booth that had a PolyTech type 56 spiker AK47. I recently have been doing alot of homework on this AK just because its rare and not imported anymore and I simply really like the folding spike bayonet on an AK.

Like this.

This guy has one at the show and a few more at his shop. The one at the show has some wear on the wood and small scratches on the steel. He is asking $1399.00 with no box.

I saw a few of them on gunbroker for $1500 up to $2000.

What do you guys think?
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I love Aks, but I'm not pay'in that kind of money for ANYTHING but a Colt M-4 Carbine... Period. :eyebrow:
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