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Polymer80 Serial Number applied picture

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For those of you living in a f'd up state that requires a serial number on them before July 1st 2018 per California AB-857 I'm answering one question I have seen a lot, how do they look once applied?
Here is a picture of ours back from very nicely done and super fast, mailed last Saturday and returned completed today Friday.
If you need a serial number on a Polymer80 or SS80 it's cheaper to just buy the lower from them by the time you add the $69.99 to have it added to the price of a frame you got from somewhere else.
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Ah man that blows. Looks nice but having to do it sucks. Love those poly80 frames. I have one on my 17L and 19. Apex trigger and heinie straight eights. Couldn't be happier.

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