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Polymer 80 Barrel Issue

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Completed a Polymer 80 build ie Glock 19 Gen 3without issues. After successfully putting 30 rnds down range cleaned gun. Noticed that there were gouge marks on each side of the barrel near the breach area that contacts the locking block. Put another 60 rnds through with no discernible difference in the gouges. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Look forward to your thoughts
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The gouges/bite marks were at the bottom of the breach end of the barrel ~5/8” in on each side that comes into contact with the locking block. Since I can’t attach a photo, if you watch Tow II Brovo’s YouTube video identified as Polymer 80 After 500 rnds you will clearly see the markings.
Thank you for your interest.
Your input is appreciated
This video?

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