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Polymer .45 ACP Choice

  1. GT,

    If you could choose to have any polymer-framed .45 what would it be?


    I know the G30/36/21 will be popular on this forum, but behind glock, which one would have the best aftermarket support?

    M&P 45, PPQ 45, XD 45(if they still exist), HK, SIG320/45 (if that exists) etc.
  2. I've had a few including the Glock 21. My favorite is my XD45. It's heavy when fully loaded but is very soft shooting. I also like my Ruger P97 which is a commander sized, relatively light weight DA/SA auto.

  3. Without knowing the intended purpose of this polymer framed .45 it would be difficult to offer the proper suggestions. So...
  4. HK
  5. I like my 45s to be single stack, so my choice was an XD-S with a four inch barrel. Aftermarket support isn't really a consideration when I select a gun.
  6. Beretta PX4 Storm. In fact, I have one. Oodles of Italian goodness, like me!
  7. To shoot so...
  8. M&P45C for me. I think EAA has a polymer 1911 I would like to try

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  9. Think he obviously means more specifically, like do you want a range toy? A bedside gun? Carry gun? Glove box gun? Etc.
  10. FNX™-45 with a capacity of 15+1



    It is a beast - I think they were a little over $1K back before things got crazy - I doubt you can find one for that price now.

    If picking one up doesn't put a smile on your face you should check your pulse - you may be dead.

    It was between this and a CZ97b for my second large 45 ACP - I already had a GEN4 G21. I went with the CZ97b and have no regrets -but it only hold 10 rounds in the mag.
  11. I have a G30, a G30s, and a Shield 45. The Shield is my choice for EDC and the G30 is my choice for range duty or home defense.
  12. I have nothing against polymer guns - but why limit yourself to just that - if it is just going to be a fun to shoot gun?
  13. USP45c or HK45c.

    Can’t go wrong with either.
  14. I already own alloy and steel, I am looking to expand horizons.
  15. HKUSPC45 and PX4 Full size. Those are the ones that I have.
  16. HK USP Expert (this is where I ended up myself). Good aftermarket support, seriously overbuilt, very reliable, and a true tack driver.

    I also have a HK45C for concealed carry and, while not quite up to the quality (fit and finish) level of the USP, it’s still an outstanding pistol.
  17. XDS 4.0 45.
  18. A few months ago I decided to get back into having a 45acp platform. At first I thought I'd get the G21 since that had been my duty weapon for nearly two decades. And it's a good choice obviously. However, a deal came along for an HK USP 45 that I simply couldn't pass up. And while I like the G21...it isn't an HK USP 45. So either the USP 45 or the HK45 would be be suggestions.
  19. ^^This is such an important point when choosing a gun but likely the most ignored one. It's actually important for many things when looking to buy.
  20. XD45 - Fantastic gun in every way. Glad this was my entry into .45!
  21. My HK USP 45 can beat up your XD45 :D
  22. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. In the meantime I am asking about polymer framed (and I'll stretch to say metal, non-1911) 45s and aftermarket support as I know glock dominates, but who would be next in line. The "purpose" is really not important for this question. Long term ownership experiences are welcomed, personal experiences, etc. I am researching and gathering data from the community as to what else is out there that I haven't already looked at or considered. So far it appears like I should take a solid look at HK45/USP. The FNX seems to popular as well, due to its high capacity and tactical relevance, however I won't buy another FN. XDS45 is a also a well known platform so far. That one I have researched. Before the pandemic I was trying to find one of the good deals on one with the extra mags included, but ultimately lost out to the Virus.

    Aftermarket, for me, is very important. I live in a very rural area. If a gun breaks down (which they do), I take it to the workbench, click on the light, open up youtube, and figure out how to fix it or replace springs or file a little on the trigger. I've been to a gunsmith twice and both times had poor experiences. A front sight, fit by gunsmith, fell out of the dovetail (over-filed for fit, no loctite). My other experience, I had a gunsmith swap sights on my CZ75D, it was returned with dings to the finish, and the roll pin was mashed like grandma's sunday potatoes. After that, I said no more wasted car trips, and no more wasted money. That's why I like glock...easy to work on, easy to find parts, and in stock configurations they just run.

    This question to the GT community was asked to explore some other brands besides glock or cz and to a limited extent Sig because I have recency of experience with those platforms, and I am interested in expanding my collection of 45 firearms beyond metal ones. I also own and carry a Hellcat everyday, but haven't had to touch it yet other than cleaning because it just runs perfectly, and the trigger gets better with every range trip.

    For those asking why or suggesting other things...this is the book answer. Thank you to those with good suggestions. Now back to the meat targets and polymer 45s....
  23. The SIG P320/45 does exist; I have a Compact model that is a very, very close second only to my G21 Gen 4. It has exceeded expectations and is turning out to be a fantastic pistol. No, I haven't dropped it, LOL.
    IMG_3367.JPG P320C-45.JPG
  24. As a side note if it's of interest, with either the HK USP45 or HK45 you can shoot 45 Super right out of the box.
  25. I have a Glock 21 gen 3 and it is a great shooter. I would love to pick up a Glock 41.
  26. No recoil spring change? Do you have a link to more data?
  27. I like this old beast from 1995, it feeds anything, and it's one of very few 45's that are rated for +p+ ammo. Great all around gun. USP45nsn.png
  28. After the G30 I would go with HK
  30. Kahr P45 is pretty awesome. Very narrow easy to carry. Very comfortable to shoot.
  31. I also have the FN FNX45Tactical but I’m not sold on it yet, not to mention as a package it’s huge with the tac light, red dot.
  32. Walther, Sig. No M&P
  33. I like my HK USP45, Glock 21 and XDM45, but last night was able to shoot a friend's Grayguns customized Sig P320 45 full size. Absolutely fantastic shooting pistol. I was very impressed with it and would gladly trade any of my personal 45 ACP pistols for it in a heartbeat.
  34. The PPQM2 is great in the hand a very accurate.
  35. G41
  36. I'd love to have one of each. That said, the odds of that happening are exceptionally slim. So if I were buying a .45 tomorrow, I'd probably go with the M&P of some sort. Which sort would depend on how I intended to use it. If I lived in a rural area and would be spending a lot of time on a farm or in the woods, full sized, same if it were to be a range gun. For CC, probably a 2.0 Compact. Alternatively, the one I actually did get for CC, the Smith and Wesson Performance Center Shield 45. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-mp-45-shield-m20-4-barrel
    Shield 45 001.jpg

    Now, this one probably does not have the best aftermarket support. Finding a holster was tricky. However, it uses standard sight cuts for the regular Shield 45, so finding some new sights was easy. (I don't like the fiber optic ones.)
  37. Polymer .45 would be the m&p. Soft shooting and fits the hand nicely. For me a lot more enjoyable to shoot than the G21.
  38. 45 or 9? I am wondering how the PPQ45 compares to the HK offerings
  39. HK45 hands down
  40. I like my Glock 30.
  41. Another vote for any of the hammer fired HK pistols. I happen to like the USP the best, with the HK45 a close second.

    The HK45C is a direct replacement for the 1911, imho. Check one out.

  42. For what purpose? Compatition? Action or precision? Self-defense? Home defense, open carry, concealed carry or woods carry?

    "What gun is best" or "what gun would you pick" requires more than a caliber. Even for day to day concealed carry, I have several choices that I may use based on where I'm going and why and what I'm wearing.
  43. see post #22. Thanks
  44. That's exactly what I meant. Unless a person has an unlimited income the first thing they'd consider before buying a firearm is what their purpose was going to be for that firearm. And as a person on a limited income having learned the hard way in the past from wasting my money on impulse buying, I feel it's important to ask this question of others before offering up any kind of suggestions to them.

    And since the OP decided to answer such a legitimate question in the fashion they did, I don't see any reason to offer suggestions.
  45. Hk USP for me.
  46. IMO, if it has to be polymer, then definitely HK, otherwise I’d add the 1911 and P220.
  47. I do not to want to be here for hours.I have owned them all. even the first Mark 23 Suppressed back when. I got tired lugging a steel 1911a1.between a Walther PPK
    and flipped to a Glock 19 ole Willy.{His story has been told here}

    Have had 100's of 45 auto's.
    my final was yesterday a S&W 45 SHIELD M2.0 COMPACT.

    and i like it.I am not going to mount a laser on it or a kitchen sink or a flashlight or drone.Just simple carry with 7 shot mag and six shot mag back-up. I can still hit what i shoot at if needed. I do go over board sometimes. I bought one of these last month. And for some odd reason i bought another.

    However i do like the Smith.I did like the large FN 45'S

    Had them all.Nice guns. but more like for Andre The Giant carry...Have a pair of the Denzels also. That is a story for another time. good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  48. I've thought about this because I'm a big 45acp fan and wanted to find one that's not a 1911.

    It came down to three choices:
    FNX45 for ammo capacity.
    HK45 for the hammer.
    Glock 21 (or 30/41) for simplicity and price.

    I think the Glocks are still the best. They have reasonable ammo capacity, different sizes for different uses so you have the same manual of arms in different situations, ease of repair and maintenance, huge aftermarket support.
  49. STI or Stacatto or whatever it is called now. HK offering are nice too.