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Politician Who Labeled NRA

  1. Many GT members here are okay with this go figure. They play with fire and will be burned.
  2. A patriotic AG in a politically-safe jurisdiction ought to just close down the communist [D] party. Lifetime ban on any of them holding public offices or position of trust at any level of government.
  3. BLM is a racist domestic terror group
    ADL is a hate group
    ACLU picks and chooses who they want defend based on politics
    Planned Parenthood does the opposite of helping people plan for parenthood.
  4. I can't stand this woman, but......she's not wrong on this point.
  5. IF we had a strong, sound NRA, right now the antis would be crapping their pants as we engaged and embraced all the new gun owners that have joined our ranks due to Covid and riots.

    Instead Wayne and the fat cats seemed more interested in using NRA as their personal expense account.

    We tried to clean it up ourselves, but they fought tooth and nail and won. Now a rabid anti gunner is going to put their house in order FOR them. A bad result all around. Hopefully it gets the gun owners engaged like they should ALWAYS be in the upcoming elections.
  6. I'd love that, turnabout is fair play. Don
  7. The NRA certainly made the bed they are laying in right now by supporting WLP after all his shenanigans.

    Still, if it wasn't this it'd be something else they'd try.

    Personally if I was running a vitally important orginazation that has a giant target on its back from over half of Washington, I'd make sure my books were perfectly in order and squeaky clean.
  8. Yeah, but I'm going to take a strong position that you aren't a power hungry mob rule lib looking for big bucks and mucho power. I hope I'm right. lol
  9. Well if good old wayne is getting 17 million a year he needs to be evaluated by investigation. I don't know of any other CEO who gets 17 million a year.
    As far as the family thing that is rampant in any corporation.
  10. The NRA is now suing the NY AG as well. Both the position and her personally.
  11. I am not completely sure of this but isn't that POS Roger Goodell commissioner of the NFL bringing in like $50MM or thereabouts a year? For being a p**** in a suit?