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Politically Incorrect cartoon show

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by glock39, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. glock39


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    May 26, 2005
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    I rented a DVD of the old “Johnny Quest” cartoon show and was <i>shocked</i> to discover that the show prominently displays the use of, horror of horrors, firearms. Yes, there were actual <i>guns</i> being used in a children’s cartoon show. Why, the show’s opening credits even show the evil U.S. military maliciously using machine guns and tanks against an innocent, and obviously misunderstood, err, giant alien spider.

    Hang onto your hats, because it get even worse! In at least one episode, underage minors are actually given rifles and told to use them! Alright, the show had some transparent plot device about the Amazon river boat they were riding on being attacked by man-eating crocodiles. But the mere imminent threat of being eaten is no excuse for giving guns to children! I mean, it’s not as if you could, err, defend yourself with a gun. The cartoon’s message is clear: throughout the entire series, guns are treated as mere inanimate tools, rather than the inherently evil things we all know them to be today.

    Apparently, the version released on DVD has already been watered down some, but they didn’t go nearly far enough! I mean, the show still has real guns and real bullets! Thank Heavens there are no dead bodies laying around, but it’s still clearly shown that shooting people can actually kill them. What a horrible thing to teach children! Why, anyone who’s ever seen the “A-Team” knows that you can fire <i>hundreds</i> of rounds of full-auto at the bad guys without ever putting a scratch on them. Violence without consequences! <u>That’s</u> what we should be teaching our children. Besides which, Johnny Quest has a very unhealthy pro-American bias. But perhaps worst of all, the show actually teaches values like being Polite and Obedient and doing your homework. How <i>dare</i> the creators of the show try to force these kinds of unenlightened and outdated values on unsuspecting children!

    This is the type of dangerous pro-gun propaganda that we dare not allow our innocent children to see. Fortunately, most media networks are very good at censoring, uhh, excuse me, "protecting us" from anything even remotely positive about guns. So even the watered-down “Johnny Quest” hasn’t been broadcast for years. But it’s out on DVD now, and can be rented from or purchased at So there’s no time to lose. We must boycott somebody. Organize a protest march. Do something, <i>anything,</i> to prevent this insidious message from reaching our children.
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    Feb 23, 2005
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    WOW, Talk about a blast from the past! Jonny Quest was GREAT! One my favorites, and of course my Major Matt Mason set!