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Police officers have had enough

  1. 57 Buffalo police officers resign from special unit in solidarity with two officers suspended for allegedly pushing a 75-year-old man.

    Here is video of LAPD telling off LA City Coucilwoman after they said there would be cuts to the force.


    There will be a lot more cops calling it quits and I'm not sure that's not part of the Dem plan.
  2. We were already losing people at a significant rate. This week I had an officer hit me up about a retirement question. Others have left for slower and/or better paying agencies.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be a patrol cop these days. The pressure from below is bad enough, but when your chain of command doesn’t support you, it’s over. They send those guys out there to be screamed at and attacked with no ability to act.
  4. Can't blame them. It can't be fun having leftist MSM and politicians calling you horrible names. Now they all want to fry your ass if someone trips and gets hurt within 10 feet of you.

    They are a small majority. We appreciate you guys and know you can't blame everyone in uniform for something done by 1 person.
  5. Some time ago, I posted to the enforcers should be careful. I mentioned that history has shown that the politicians turn on their enforcers when convenient. They always find new enforcers and purge the old. They never want their enforcers to get too much power.
  6. Every Union or other group should walk out for a week.
    Leave every city unprotected.:)
  7. Can't blame them! If you don't support me and mine - see ya! No police - let's see how that works out. Do any of these politicians ever ask why we have police at all? What is the history of police forces in the U.S. Hello? :rolleyes:
  8. No can do.

    Here it’s against the Taylor law. It means that calling for it will put leaders of such actions in jail. The membership has to pay 2 days of pay every day they are out, and the lawsuits will bankrupt the union.

    Then the real hurt begins. Ask the transit union what happened when they went on strike.

    If it’s going to happen, it will be a wildcat action.

    It came close with the deaths of Liu and Ramos. But I don’t know about now.

    Some big academy classes from twenty years ago are about to retire. These guys are just trying to hold on until that magic year.

    The majority of the department will soon be in the newer retirement tiers then. 25 years to full retirement for the new tiers. I don’t think guys are going to stick around as much.
  9. Good. Time for a little greening.
  10. For the past 2 months they were using them to threaten us with their BS lock down orders. Now they are throwing them under the bus.
  11. I thought you died.
  12. Talked to a relative of mine who just retired from LEO last year.

    He said he'd been through 4 riot seasons like this and that was enough, couldn't be happier being retired

    My FIL said in '15 he would never have joined the police department in today's climate, and he also was happy to be retired these days
  13. The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
  14. 10 years from now, you'll have seen the rise of privatized para-police firms, as more folks leave public policing and take better jobs in the private sector. Businesses and enclaves that can afford it will hire these firms for protection of assets and people and eschew involving public law enforcement unless absolutely necessary, and the undermanned, undertrained and unsupported local law enforcement husk that's left will be relegated to protecting public buildings and responding to whatever crimes are prioritized by politicians in the less affluent areas only, sorta like San Francisco but with 1/4 the cops and a longer list of crimes they don't pursue and calls they don't respond to. To put it bluntly, we'll be going back to the really old school days prior to professional policing.
  15. Hmmmm. :impatient:
  16. That's exactly the plan.

    And the blue cities and states will fall further into the abyss. Bon voyage!
  17. I've mentioned several times over the last few years over in CopTalk that there needs to be a nationwide blue flu for a few days. Let society just police themselves, solve their own messes, and see how they like it.

    Maybe we'll see...
  18. Recently in Baltimore the people were complaining about the police. They did not want the police to enter certain areas. The police complied. It did not last very long.
  19. The protesters are winning. This is what they want...path to anarchy.
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  21. DaleGribble is spot-on. Simply call in for a week. EVERYONE, every single swinging-richard and Hoo. I'd give it about 24 hours and the left would be begging ya'll to come back. Play it cool...., "Huh...what..??? Nah...still feeling a little sick...might have the Rona."

    "Maybe we can talk about those contracts while we're at it."
  22. That would only alienate many fence sitters and harm supporters. Better to take the high road, ride it out, or walk away. The job is changing. Those who live in the troubled areas are going to be the ones who suffer most with the outcome.
    There are many who live in these areas who see what's truly happening, they either silently live in fear, or, are having their voices oppressed by the MSM.
  23. Anarchy is the last thing they want, it just happens to be a word the "cool kids" use.
    They are nothing more than entitled brats who think if they throw a big enough tantrum they can enslave the working class. If they ever achieved true anarchy, they would be the ones wiped out.
    The only places they are "winning" is in dem countrolled areas. Those are the ones who use up the most police resources and they are the ones who will suffer the loss of policing.
  24. Sometimes lessons have to be felt to have a lasting effect. Kind of like telling your kids not to touch a hot stove.
  25. People don’t realize without the police on scene first they won’t be getting a response from fire-rescue and ambulance services either.
  26. LAPD did that in the mid 90's in Central bureau to get the lazy city council to start working on their contract. It definitely got their attention. Later on dept management tried to put this action in the involved officers performance eval reports. The courts ordered them to remove any reference to said sick days.

    If officers are going to have a massive sick day they need to let the public know what day it will be so "they" can be prepared.

    Hey, if cops get sick, they get sick. Prove that they're not.

    Rioters say, "No justice, no peace". Cops say, "No peace, no justice".
  27. I agree the job is changing but the disciplinary system and sometimes the legal system is biased against officers. Yes, against officers. DAs often don’t consider assaults on officers “crimes” and drop those charges immediately to the point where the ADA’s will ask if any “people” were Assaulted as if cops aren’t people.
    The problem is a lot of departments have already made these changes . The public and lawmakers are acting on old perceptions and beliefs. If you saw what NYPD cops have to do if they used any type of force in the normal course of business ( I don’t think they are doing the Force reports for every protester . But anytime a NYPD cop uses force where the person is taken to the ground, a report is made and reviewed by a supervisor. Body Cams are on etc etc.
  28. Anarchy (i.e. chaos) is exactly what the organizers want. And don't kid yourself, this is a well planned and orchestrated event. It is "Social Justice" at work.
  29. Yup. It is disguising as a "protest", but I think the ouster of the president is the ultimate goal.
  30. Nobody can blame them. I’m sure you understand. When you have done something for your whole life, and everything you ever thought has been turned opposite, you have to have an exit plan. The emotional damage that you have ignored for decades, is residual. You and your family have to come first. You hope to have half as many good years in retirement, and peace of mind to try and enjoy it. You can envy those people, that have lived their lives in naive bliss.

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  31. Very astute observation...I can easily see HOA's budgeting for private security,and policing their sub-divisions...of course what to do with those apprehended for crimes remains an issue
  32. I continue to maintain that officers should dial every activity back to a bare minimum...NO self-initiated activity...NO speeding to calls ( unless ordered)..NO arrests if discretion allows and then only those which cannot be given a summons etc....let the city devolve and just put in your time...then get the hell out...there remain great places to live in this country where values and the rule of law still prevail
  33. I could get all the good paying private security work I want right now.

    But I'm sitting this one out. I'm done being a paid 'ho for the rich and/or famous.
  34. It seems like a nutty conspiracy theory to say that a political faction is trying to make the entire United States fail, so they can replace it with a socialist state, but it sure seems like everything the Democrats and "progressive movement" do is specifically designed to make the country fail.
  35. I am certain ANTIFA will have plenty of people to fill the vacant positions.
  36. I recently had a sidewalk conversation with one of the BOD of my HOA. They are going to be issuing a special assessment to add security gates, cameras, a perimeter fence and three entrances will have manned guard shacks and we will have private security on regular patrol in the neighborhood.

    My extended neighborhood is 30% black, 15% hispanic, 10% asian. Median price of the homes here is $350k. According to the Board member, support for the actions and special assessment appears to be very high.

    We have virtually no crime today, and the neighborhood wishes to keep it that way.
  37. Powerful. God bless her. God bless our Police.
  38. Some agencies may (can) require a doctor's notice of illness. Claiming not to be "sick enough to go to the doctor" may not serve as an adequate defense. It depends.

    It may not kick in until 3 consecutive sick call-offs have occurred, although an exception may be allowed for even a single call-off if it's suspicious, like because of past and ongoing patterns of sick leave abuse, threatened "blu-flu" (which is unlawful), etc. Depends on the language in the contract, MOU's, etc.

    Now, look at this against the backdrop of the current declared pandemic, and people being told to avoid ER's, and primary physicians not wanting potentially sick patients to come into waiting rooms, etc.

    This could become quite the mess in trying to sort out what's real, and what's Memorex.
  39. This doesn't surprise me in the least. You couldn't pay me enough to join the police. I have tremendous respect for ALL officers who have to deal with the enemy without AND the enemy within. Sorta like the ROE in Afghanistan that got so many of our troops dead or wounded. Makes me nuts.
  40. And this is where we are headed into boot licking communism.
  41. Yeah that video a 10 year old girl would've been about as much of a threat
  42. So rent a cop making minimum wage, minimal training limited backgrounds and no loyalty. I dont see that working well. First incident the HOA will be sued, bankrupted along with BOD.
  43. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Read any BLM or antifa literature and they tell you the goal.

  44. Sounds like the USA will be a third world country, where the elites are protected by heavily armed bodyguards and live in gated communities, while everyone else suffers anarchy, chaos and rampant crime.

    Like Mexico, South Africa, and Syria.

  45. Not for long.

    The Muslims/MS13/La Raza crowd are on their way there, too.

  46. That's their goal.

    Step 1: Make the job of being a LEO/military so miserable, unpleasant and unbearable that patriotic American LEOs quit or don't even apply for the job in the first place.

    Step 2: Fill the ranks of LEO/military with MS13, Muslims, La Raza, CAIR, Antifa and other globalist enforcers.

    Step 3: Use these obedient new enforcers to crush any resistance to globalist cultural marxism.