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Point of Impact for your Glock

  1. Of the two Glocks I own (G31 and G32), both started out hitting center of the bull with a 6 o'clock hold (in other words 3-4 inches high at 25 yards).
    I prefer Point of Aim.

    For those who shoot point of aim did your glock start out hitting high?

    For those who shoot 6 o'clock, was it pretty much dead on?

    Note: I chose to post here instead of general glocking to help narrow the responses to shooters who hit high or low because of the gun, not because they flinch, heel, jerk, ect.
  2. I learned the hard way that different people have different eyes. Fpr me most guns shoot low because my focal plane is different. I had a heck of a time because I started with fixed sights and all my hits were low with a 6 o'clock hold. Everyone told me to dryfire, finger, dryfire etc. Well at some point I got adjustable sights and I've been rocking ever since. When other people shoot my guns it shoots high for them. Oh well the sights are dialed in for my eyes.

    I've been wanting to get lasiks done, but I'm told it would correct my focal point issue. Kind of worries me because I would need to adjust my index that I've commited to muscle memory.

    My advice get some adjustables like the dawsons
  3. I've had lasik, and yes, it does help shooting alot. I used to shoot international pistol (slow fire air pistol), and I wore contacts. My eyes would get tired and my vision fuzzy nearing the end of a match.

    I am putting a dawson fiber optic front sight on the G31 for USPSA. If it still hits high, I'll just get the slightly taller one.
  4. You can just change your rear sight to a factory or aftermarket adjustable rear and fix your problem. I have been using a dawson front and a factory rear with excellent results for a while.

  5. No thanks on the adjustable rear.
  6. Get a different height front or rear.

    I prefer a 6 o'clock hold to center and all my Glock factory sights seemed to be set for center. I switched to adjustable for my competition gun but left my carry alone.
  7. If it's a carry gun, 4" high at 25 dosen't matter.

    If it's for competition why not adjustables?
  8. It does see some carry duty, and I won't ever use it for any kind of bullseye shooting like PPC, so no need for adjustables.

    Just put on the dawson FO front sight last night, so I'll have to test sometime this week.
  9. I have the dawson F.O. front & Heinie race-cut slantpro rear on my 34.

    Shoots to point of aim. Bullet lands where the top of the front sight is, like it's supposed to. The trijicons that were on it when I bought it were the same way, and so were the factory sights on my friends G19.

    I really like the dawson/heinie combo. Lots of air on either side of the front sight for fast shooting. Instead of putting a 'wall' of 3 lined-up sight tabs in front of the bottom half of an IDPA target... the rear sight's gap is big enough to bracket the -0 zone of it. And that small black peg with the glowing red dot goes where you want the bullet hole. ;)