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Plz help butterfingers with broken laptop...

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Hi All,

Maybe one of you could help me out. I have an Inspiron 1150 that I dropped the other night :frown: It landed on the power plug and the interior plug broke.

The computer seems to work fine, however, it won't charge (the interior plug is visibly moved...

I called Dell and their quoting me about $300 for a new motherboard... apparently the whole thing needs to be replaced.

Question: If it's just the plug piece, would it be worth trying to solder the connection? I really don't have $300 to drop right now.

Any thoughts?

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Ok, lots of screws.Take your time, mark the locations of the screws if they are different lengths. I would take it completely apart and then take it to a electronic shop to have it soldered. Thats if you feel you can't do it.

Rules of thumb. Don't force anything. It doesn't move, find the screw that is holding it. Becarefully of static. If you can keep your self grounded. Use only a fully heated soldering gun. Don't screw around if your going to do it yourself. Get the stuff in place then flux it up and touch the heat to it. Don't over heat the board. Don't scratch the board at all. Pathways can be destroyed very easy.

Good luck man. :cool:
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