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Plz help butterfingers with broken laptop...

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Hi All,

Maybe one of you could help me out. I have an Inspiron 1150 that I dropped the other night :frown: It landed on the power plug and the interior plug broke.

The computer seems to work fine, however, it won't charge (the interior plug is visibly moved...

I called Dell and their quoting me about $300 for a new motherboard... apparently the whole thing needs to be replaced.

Question: If it's just the plug piece, would it be worth trying to solder the connection? I really don't have $300 to drop right now.

Any thoughts?

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You may want to google your laptop model and 'disasembly.' Having replaced a motherboard in a Gateway Solo, the Gateway is loaded with screws in strange places and plastic clips. If you can find instructions on how to take it apart, it will potentially save you from breaking something expensive. (And it will help you not end up with spare parts when you get it all back together.) The power jack is likely soldered onto the board, and depending whether the traces on the board are damaged, you may have to do more than just resolder the connector. Used motherboard pulled from disasembled laptops can also be had off EBay for less than the price of a new one.
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